so sad =[

  1. So let-trade had the perfect wallet. Right when I saw it I rushed out the house to put money in my bank account that I had lying around. When I got home, someone already got it =[
  2. Yah, they go quick. Sorry to hear that. Which wallet was it?
  3. Wow, sorry to hear that. I am sure another one will come along though.
  4. Happened to me last night. I saw a pochette for a steal so I hurried up to click on it and it was sold all of about a minute sooner! Grrr.
  5. That's too bad, hopefully another one will be along soon.
  6. Was it Epi? Hehe.
  7. Oh bummer, what wallet was it ?
  8. yes epi wallet =/ im like really sad cause ive been searching for a wallet that the bf will approve of me having.
  9. i know! when a good deal goes on let-trade it DISAPPEARS!!
    last time they had a new cerises rond for only 300!! but i e-mailed let-trade with some questions and by the time i got a response it was already GONE!
    but its okay! just keep going on let-trade!
  10. yeah, i sent him a msg. perhaps he will have something he didn't list on the site.
  11. he does he does!!
    i asked for CB pochettes! and he told me there were two!
    he posted the pink one online for me right now!
  12. I wanted the mono mizi but it was gone quick too :crybaby:
  13. yay i hope you get it! i wanted the white/red/gold cb pochette. i never got around to actually looking for one though
  14. ^^ hehe i am i am! i sent payment but just waiting for confirmation cause let-trade's most likely sleeping right now!!
    you should continue looking at let-trade! he had a brand new red gold one like two weeks ago!
  15. haha i will but it's not a priority. I'm trying to rush my xmas gifts now for all my friends. no lv for them LOL.