So sad =(


Sep 5, 2007
Last week I fell in love when I saw pictures of the dark shimmer lovers clutch...Well, I placed an order with Creative Contrast (with a 25% off code!) and just got an email today that they are oos and don't anticipate any getting in. They are honoring the code plus free express shipping for a future purchase, but I had my heart set on the dark shimmer LC. CC was the only place I could find it it; has anyone seen it sold elsewhere? Thanks ladies!


~ Michelle ~
May 29, 2008
Oh no!! I'm sorry to hear that. . . Probably the auction sites will be the only place to find one. The Lover's Clutch is a hot bag this season. I hope you find one soon! Put that you are finding it in your signature. Us Minkettes take care of our own. . . if someone spots one, they'll PM you!


Aug 5, 2009
I ran into the same problem with CC. I thought, "hey, it's on backorder, I could wait." Then I got charged for it and immediately emailed them asking if they're gonna get anymore in. Did a quick search here and on Minkette and Becca said herself that she's "completely sold out here!!"

Talked to the manager and he said that the bag STILL shows up a lot on Google, thus fooling a lot of buyers. Thankfully they changed the bag's status to "Unavailable/Sold out." Shame, it's really too bad.

I think the only other way to get an LC is through bay/bonz, Sample Sales or SO's here. Kinda stinks. I hope Becca will make more LC's in the future seeing how popular they are.

ETA: And Congrats Lauren on the LC! I was gonna get the one on Bonz but I changed my mind. Can't wait to see your pics!!