So sad...

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  1. Girls

    I haven't logged on in ages. I adore Chanel but being a single mum, I find I can never afford to splash out on Chanel and the only new Chanel purchase I made last year were sunglasses. However I bought a fab vintage Chanel for €600 and loved it! It was stolen in November and I am devastated. I don't know whether to save up for a reissue 227 or buy another vintage.

    I am going to be in London this weekend (I hope) and so tempted just to put one on the credit card! Just so angry about my bag and hate the thought that someone else is carrying my lovely bag now :tdown:
  2. oh that sucks so much.
    Were you covered by insurance?

    If you loved your last bag, perhaps scout for another vintage find, I would not recommend as a single mum maxing out your credit card unless you know you can afford it. (obviously only you know if you can)

    Hope you find an even better bag this time around :smile:
  3. Thanks Chloe, I was so sad, it also had my mobile, ipod, LV make up bag...agggh! Thanks for your support, I'll keep looking!
  4. if it will give you much happyness and you can aford it,then get it,if you get a classic,it will see you through the years,otherwise,save and wait,malleries does reasonable vintage,good luck
  5. i really wouldn't charge it on your credit card. i never carry a balance from month to month just to avoid the killer interest rates. i mean you could open up a new credit card that has no interest for 12 months and just make sure that you put away money in your savings account until you have to pay it off next year.
  6. I guess the sensible thing is to wait and save :sad:

    I have saved some but the price keeps increasing! I was just so happy with my vintage but now feel I should hold out for a reissue, ah well...these things happen!
  7. So sorry to hear that, €600 is a lot of money. But I agree with the others, please don't get yourself in trouble because of this; it's not worth it in the end. You'll get your reissue one day, hang in there.

    Have a lovely time in London! (hopefully not too much snow...)
  8. That stinks. Sorry this happened to you.:sad: I hope you are able to get another vintage or the Reissuse you want. When the time is right to buy, you will know.:smile:
  9. i dunt think its a good idea to charge the bag on a credit card when u are in this situation.. maybe save up for one? itll take awhile but its worth the wait!
  10. sorry to hear abt ur lost bag and stuffs. But if i were u, i rather save it until i'm ready to buy her. I understand the urge of gettin one but i think with the situation, it's best to wait and justify whether there is a need to go for it now (even though there is like pymt plan with no interest, eg).
  11. I agree with the rest... It might be better to wait a while longer before getting it
  12. Ditto. Save, save, save. Enjoy your trip to London.
  13. Sorry to hear that your bag got stolen. Hopefully you'll find a suitable replacement soon.
  14. Sorry to hear that! You should save up for another bag rather than charge to your credit card.
  15. squeak - I'm so sorry to hear that your bag was stolen. I've experienced this myself and I know how angry and sad you must feel.

    I agree that you should save up for a new bag. Also, given you say that you're not sure what bag to get yet you should probably think about it a bit more so that you end up buying a bag you are sure you totally love rather than buying one hastily this weekend purely to replace the feeling for your loss - you may regret it otherwise if you realise later you prefer some other bag. And try not to talk yourself into it due to price increases... if you accrue interest on your debt it will end up costing you just as much or potentially more!