So Sad!

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  1. we got home last night a lil after 11 pm. we notice an ambulance and hope it's not our neighbors with the little boy. so we walk up to our a door and notice our neighbor outside and he said that the ambulance was for our neighbor on the other side of us. she is a single mom and has 2 little girls [8 & 2]. so we walk over there and we see a fire truck pull up and then a sheriff. i ask one of the many firemen if she is ok, he said he didn't know. so we stand there a bit longer and then go in because it's really cold. dh walks out a bit later and sees that the fire truck is gone along with the cop and the ambulance is backing out.

    so he called a mutual friend of hers and ours and asked if she had talked to our neighbor lately. she called me back this morning and we talked and i told her what we saw. she then calls and talks to the neighbor's brother and finds out what happened. she calls me back and let me know that she ODed and that the kids were taken away by CPS. it's sad, and what is even worse is that her husband died from an OD about a year before we moved in. so she is following the same footsteps. and i just feel so bad for the kids, first they lost their dad and now this??

    i hope that this will open her eyes and help her realize that the life she is living isn't healthy for her or for her little girls. i don't understand how a mom can not think about he children and their well being. i know it happens...and it happens a lot. i just hope that she wakes up. i don't know if she will be able to get her children back, since she had had CPS called on her a few times before....and i don't think she should until she has her life straightened out.
  2. That is such a shame...I hope she gets the help she needs and gets her life back on track. Those poor kids are going to go through so much that they shouldn't even have to...I'll pray for them...
  3. i know, i feel so bad for them. the lil one was calling my dh "daddy" for awhile :crybaby:she was only about 1 when her dad died...and what was worse is they were all home and walked downstairs and found him dead. poor things!

    i am praying for them too.
  4. Oh my god that's horrible.

    Maybe it will shock her into getting her act together. My dad was pretty far gone & my mom left and after a couple of years he was clean - losing his kids made him get worse in the immediate and way better after a couple of years.
  5. Poor babies. I hope CPS will be able to place them with grandparents or in a good foster home.
  6. ahhhh how sad. Poor babies!
  7. That is awful!!!
  8. That is terrible that the kids have to suffer like that.

    One of my old friends from highschool died in November from an over dose. I feel terrible that she went down that path. At least she didn't have kids though.
  9. That is so sad, but maybe she will get the help she needs. I would not be suprised if she was having issues (grief, depression etc) due to losing the father of her children.
  10. That's really sad, it is. My mother was involved in drugs when I was a child, and it's hard on everyone. You're not in right mind when you're on drugs. My mom thought that I was going to be better off without her, and 10 years later, I still ask myself if she wondered what I was going to be like..or my siblings, did she wonder who would take custody of us? There are so many questions. It's hard to understand when you haven't been there. My mother ended up committing suicide because she was on drugs, and extremely depressed. Hopefully her children don't go through the same thing. :sad:
  11. im sure that she was...we talked some off and on. she has had a drug problem and a drinking problem, she was forced to get a job [due to a dui] and she kept it for maybe a month because she had no pills. then she was either fired or quit and she was right back to the pills. :sad: