So sad =[

  1. I'm starting to see a lot of familiar pictures on ebay listings. I'm afraid that some pictures that aren't watermarked were stolen from this forum and put on there =[

    Just be careful everyone.
  2. wads watermark?
  3. If you see any you think look familiar, please post them so we can let the sellers know and report them to ebay. It's not like we're just making random accusations either, most of us have concrete proof that the pictures are ours (at least I do anyway) so these scammers will NOT get away with this.
  4. I believe this may be one of the reasons Vlad (or Mel...not sure who did it) have the PF logo appear on pics copied from here.
    I try to watermark the pics I am not in as I realize anyone can view this forum. You can easily watermark your pics by adding text with Paint or most photo editors.
  5. How can you add the PF logo on the bottom or are the mods doing that? i would like to add that along with my own watermarks just to be safe
  6. The Administrator of the site (Vlad/Mel) added that.
    Still it's adviced to watermark your pics as anyone can easily edit out the PF logo since it's at the bottom corner.
  7. I have appleworks, bot can't figure out how to watermark with it..:sad:
    can we delete our already posted oics & rerplace them with watermarked ones?
  8. Even if it's watermarked, you have to watch cause some sellers still use the pictures with the original watermark. I saw that happen a couple of times to certain eBay sellers.
  9. I agree. If you see them let people know so we can report them.
  10. To be honest, I don't think that the purseforum watermark will do any good, because as far as I've seen, it's been in the bottom right corner, and it's not difficult to crop off that bottom cm where the watermark is situated so that it disappears. Therefore, personally, I think everybody should watermark their pictures with nicks and "the purseforum" or something like that, although I haven't been so good with that myself.