So sad!!

  1. I just found out that I have to give my pet bunny away! :crybaby: I've had her for only 7 months and I'm not allowed to have pets in my new apartment. My land lady just told me this morning that she's not welcome. I took care of my bunny since she was little and nursed her back to health when she was sick. I've spent so much time and money taking care of her and loving her and it breaks my heart to have to give her up. :crybaby: The worst part is I keep thinking about her being miserable living with someone else. That someone else won't take care of her like I do and they won't love her as much as I do... :crybaby:

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can look to find her a good home?
  2. I'd put up an ad at the vet's office. At my vet's office they allow people to do this to try to help their pets find good homes.
  3. You didn't find out beforehand whether or not a bunny would be welcome in the apartment? And there is not an option to choose an apartment that is pet-friendly?... I guess whatever you do, don't give the bunny to the SPCA.
  4. Any pals that can take it on? Any notice boards at work/college? Advert in local paper?

    Not very good at this - sorry:flowers:
  5. My aunt used to have a rabbit, so I'm trying to get ahold of her to see if she wants to adopt my Princess.
  6. This is a bad idea I know - but - is there anyway to just sneak her in the apartment?

    At an apartment I had we were not allowed any pets but still had 2 rabbits :sneaky::ninja: :angel: .
  7. ^HA!HA!
    I would totally sneak it in too..LOL..
  8. Yeah, me three. I would really sneak the bunny in!

    I snuck my cat into my current apartment because I got him mid-lease!
  9. Sneak the bunny in!:yes:

    I don't mean to sound rude here, but I'm sure I'm going to. Why didn't you look into this BEFORE you chose the apartment???? I have three dogs, and you'd better believe that if I were moving, the first thing I would do would be to make certain that pets were allowed. I consider pets a huge responsibility, and once I adopt an animal, I have that animal until he/she leaves this earth. I wouldn't dare give one of my precious pets away.

    I'm sorry, but I'm just in a mood lately, reading stories from self-proclaimed animal lovers who are so quick to give their pets away.

    Keep the bunny or look for another apartment. That's my advice, from a hard-core animal lover!
  10. I echo the above sentiments.
  11. The landlord can come in to your apartment for maintenance stuff and see the pet and then you'd get in trouble. They usually can change their terms and conditions whenever they want too so that might've happened to cutiepii21.
  12. I'm sure the landlord could come into the apartment, but why couldn't she have the bunny's cage is a location that isn't really visible, like in her bedroom or something? Trust me; my sister had two cats in an apartment that didn't allow pets. There are ways around it.;)

    But this is my point; instead of going through the hassle of hiding the bunny or giving it away, why didn't she just look for a pet-friendly apartment???
  13. True :yes:
  14. If you have to give up your bunny, look up an appropriate shelter on the House Rabbit Society website, House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide . I'm pretty sure that they don't kill rabbits, and potential homes are thoroughly screened (and the HRS has tough standards, from what I've heard). The bunny will either stay at the shelter or go to a foster home until she is adopted.

    Edited to add: You may have trouble getting an HRS chapter to take in your rabbit, as many are already overwhelmed with homeless rabbits, but it's worth a shot.

    Edited again to add: If you try going to vet offices for help, make sure you go to vets who really know and care about rabbits (the HRS site has a list of rabbit-savvy vets).
  15. Would your parents like taking care of a rabbit? Do you have a family member that likes rabbits?

    (And just out of curiosity, why DIDN'T you check beforehand?)

    Luckily, my new apartment does allow pets. I'm not taking my cats with me, though because the long trip would bother them, and they're used to my parents' house. They've been living there since they were kittens. (I've been living at home and I'm ready to move out).

    But I remember thinking that even if my apartment didn't allow pets, I'd still keep my cats at home.

    But when I'm at the right place in my life, I'd really love to get a puppy.