so sad!

  1. i went to lv today, but NO new cles is avail in any of the vernis colors. :sad:
    looks like i waited too long! anyone else in the same boat?
  2. That is the worst! I am sorry, good luck I am sure you will find one soon.
  3. Wow are they sold out everywhere?
  4. you should still be able to find them. The had quite a few at the Soho location. You can call the 866 number. Good luck!!!
  5. thanks for the tip! :biggrin:
  6. Or call the 866 #.... maybe they could track one down for you!?
  7. aww dont be sad! if 866 cant locate one for you, im sure our fellow tPFers can!
  8. Good Luck - I hope you find one.
    Still waiting for the store here to release them.:tdown:
  9. not sure what color you are looking for. But the LV store at Short Hills Mall had the purple color.
  10. Aww...I'm sure you'll find one somewhere. Good luck, I hope you get it soon!
  11. I'm so sorry... I am glad that we don't have that problem in Jax... it's all retirees here, so it is azur that you have trouble finding. It's cruise season in Florida if you don't know!
  12. They have lots in all the colors at the Charlotte, North Carolina LV. Ask for Jeremy and he'll help!
  13. They have every color at Fashion Show in Las Vegas, as well as the Wynn.
  14. ^ yeah this weekend i was in Vegas and went to 5 LVs (Caesar's Forum shops, three at Fashion Show, and the Wynn)..i swear each one had the cles in violette on display..they probably had other colors too
  15. i've noticed a shortage in vernis lately. i've been telling everyone on the tpf how much i love vernis and how everyone should pick up a piece that they've all gone and cleaned out the LV closet. i hope you can locate your favorite.