so sad....

  1. I am so upset that I missed out on this cancelled all my orders *booooo*
  2. Wow that really sucks.
  3. Aww I'm sorry, but I heard there'll be another sale in June, or you can try Gucci outlet..
  4. i am going to new york state WOODBURY outlet for xmas shopping..:tup: will let ya know whats there
  5. oh yes please do let us know what's there. i went there a while ago and they didn't have much. tear.
    diane84 don't be sad about missing the sale. i'm on the same boat. b:huh:o:huh:o but that means more money to spend on the next sale!! wahoo! and i already got my fingers crossed that this one bag will go on saleeee~~~ lalala:whistle:
  6. oh sorry to hear that. Don't worry, at least now you'll have more than enough money to buy 2 handbags during the spring/summer sale in June. :graucho: