So sad......

  1. Saks just called to cancell my Nude VP that I ordered back in Sept. He said the manufacture informed them they will not be able to fill them:sad: Has anybody else heard from them?:crybaby:
  2. I am so sorry to hear that. That is one highly coveted shoe. I know I wished I had been fast enough to pre-order before they sold out in my size. I wonder if they are planning to increase the price and that's why they are cancelling? It really annoys me when stores do things like that. I was so upset with NM over a similar issue I had with them. I hate Bergdorfs for other reasons. I thought Saks was the only "good guy."

    My advice is to get a recommendation for a great SA from someone on this forum and call them up. Tell them what happened and have them put you on a wait list for the shoe. I know I asked a SA at Saks about the nude VP and he said they were backordered and he had another customer before me waiting for that shoe in my size. Good luck!
  3. Aww, I am sorry to hear that. Keep on the lookout at various online sites,, etc. something may pop up. Check at the boutiques as well. If you're interested, I saw nude yoyo at Saks in NYC over a week ago.
  4. I AM SO PISSED!! The same thing happened to me, I just received an email from Saks that they regret to inform me that my order was cancelled. I am so upset!
    I was fortuante enough to receive them in a size 38.5 from the first pre-order but that size is just too small for me, I really need a size 39, and now they cancelled my order. This stinks.
  5. I just called the Louboutin boutique in LA and they actually have one pair in a size 35.5. And it's the nicer version that has the burgundy tip. Get them fast!!
  6. I need the size 36. I am afraid that 35.5 will be too small :sad:
  7. Wow. I honestly didn't expect this shoe to be as popular as it is. If I knew, I would have snatched up more when I bought mine (2 years ago for the first pair?) and picked up extras and make out like a bandit like NaturalGasGirl!!! LOL

    Have a little patience, 4LV. They'll turn up. :yes: They occasionally do on eBay -- just be ready to pay a premium, from the looks of things.

    Kamilla, my cousin was here to visit me about 1.5 years ago and she admired my collection of nude VPs. I picked up a pair for her as a gift with the burgundy but as it turns out, she had loved my VPs so much, she picked up her own as soon as she got back to Australia. I had intended to return the shoes, but got caught up with travels. I'm pretty sure they're a 39, but don't quote me on that (may be a 39.5). If I can locate 'em in the mess that will be the shoe room (it's holding 1/2 my collection hostage), they're yours if you want 'em! :graucho:
  8. Wow. I love reading stories like these. Fatefullous, you are so sweet and considerate! Kamilla, you are one lucky TPFr. Fatefullous is your fairly godmother. Now I need to find me my very own fairy godmother to tell me they have a pair of nude patent VP or NP in 39 or 39.5 waiting for me if I want them! ;)
    I really love this forum. Everyone is so helpful and looking out for one another. This was my hallmark moment for the day.
  9. Not sure if they're still there, but my SA at SCP Saks had mentioned they had one return on the VP nude patent in a 9 when I asked about the yoyos over a week ago. 714.540.3233. Good luck!!
  10. Sounds gorgeous. Anyone have a pic?
  11. Here you go:
  12. :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool: I would die for these shoes. Now I see why there's so much fuss. Carry on!

    Thanks LavenderIce. :flowers:

  13. You're welcome. Louboutin nude patent shoes are like no other.
  14. That's so sad! I'm so sorry. I hate it when things like that happen.