So sad!!

  1. Hi, all.

    This is my first post here, though I've been a lurker without registering for a while now. I've long been a fan of Coach, but could never afford one of my own, and would instead admire the bags of others. But! I recently got a promotion with a raise at work, and to reward myself, I decided I would FINALLY get my first Coach bag. But I have had a major trauma with this and I figured this would be the one place where other people would understand my pain, lol. So please read my story and give me some sympathy, because I am just so disappointed. :sad:

    So, I saw the Ergo Belted Leather Medium Hobo in Plum on the website and fell in love. That was my bag! But the site kept running out, and I do not live near a Coach boutique at all, so I got my sister in Seattle to try to find me the bag. Every store she called said they were out on, like, the entire West Coast. Ordering it from the Macy's site would kind of put it (way) out of my budget. Nordy's site didn't have it in plum. I started to despair.

    But then I got a break, because a family member needed to take the 2 hour drive to Pittsburgh for an appointment. I decided I would hitch a ride along and hopefully one of the boutiques in the area might have my bag. I called all around to all the Pittsburgh boutiques, and finally found a really helpful SA at the Ross Park Mall store. She went way out of her way to find me the LAST bag in the area and even though it was at another store that was too far out of my way for me to physically get to, she let me stop by the Ross Park store and she faxed the order over, and had that store ship it to me. It arrived the next day, which is today.

    I was SO excited when I saw that box on my porch, lol. The SA had packed it up so prettily, with all that Coach tissue paper and a lovely box with a ribbon, and man, I felt awesome opening it up.

    But then after I got the bag out, I realized the drop was a little shorter than I thought. I figured it wasn't a big deal, but after thinking about it, I went and got my winter coat out and tried the bag on over it...and it doesn't fit!! I mean, it does, but not comfortably enough for me. And I can't justify keeping such an expensive bag if I can't wear it all year. And I also can't justify buying a whole new coat (especially since the one I have now cost about 200 bucks) just so my bag can fit over it.

    So I guess I have to give it back. I am heartbroken!

    But if anyone is in the Pittsburgh area, I highly recommend the Ross Park Mall store. The SA that helped me is an absolutely lovely girl. I am going to have to write a note to her manager praising her, even though the bag didn't work out.

    Anyway, I just had to let that out amongst others that would understand.

  2. I totally know what you mean...I fell in love with the plum belted ergo the second I saw it, even brought it and brought it home. I have now fell completely out of love with it - literally just as fast as I fell in love with it. I don't know what it is. I think I might just be afraid of color (even though purple is my favorite color). That is such a bummer.

    Have you tried the Carly? I have the med chocolate and LOVE her!! Not sure how she fits over a winter coat, though. Good luck finding your perfect bag!
  3. im so sorry to hear about that....i really hope that you figure out what you want to do so you can get a coach bag!!
  4. I'm so sorry to hear your sad story! It sucks to want a bag so badly but then it not meet our expectations or needs. Is there another bag you're interested in that you could exchange this one for? A Carly is a good alternative or maybe the plum tote? There's some pretty bags coming out for the winter season too. I hope you find something that you love though!
  5. Sorry to hear about that. I definitely feel your pain. There have been bags that I lust for online and when I actually see them in real life and try them on it just doesnt work. Hopefully you find another exciting bag to take its place
  6. You have alot of company. Alot of us are shoulder bag gals.
  7. How disappointing! It's hard to be sure even when you DO see it in person though...What seems to work in the store you realize isn't right after you get it home, try it on with different things and just have time to think about it for awhile. I'm sure it's doubly aggravating though when you went to so much trouble to get it in the first place! I've given up on carrying shoulder bags under my arm-just carry it on my arm and mostly have been sticking to satchel types.
  8. Thanks, guys. :sad: At least I know I am not alone, lol.

    I think I am going to return it and hang onto the money until I find one that actually is perfect. I went for the belted Ergo because it is similar to the bag I carry most often right now, which is from Nine West. That bag is practically perfect in every way, except it's old now and starting to fall apart and obviously wasn't as well made as a Coach bag is. Not that I expected it to be, or anything.

    I just figured it would be awesome to get a similar bag that is much better made, so it would be perfect AND last me forever.

    However, now that it hasn't worked out, perhaps I will try a Carly. When I was at the store filling out my fax order thing, there was this beautiful teal satchel on the shelf. I don't know which style it is, though, and that's probably an impractical color for a first major purchase.

    Though it might work since I mostly wear blacks and grays. Hmm. Now the wheels are turning, lol.

    Thanks for the support. I feel better now! No one else around me could understand why I was so traumatized by this. They were like, "What? It's just a purse." Argh!
  9. sorry to hear that its not perfect for you... hopefully you can find another bag thats great -- congrats on being able to get one - i know how you feel!!
  10. I'm sorry to hear the the bag you were lusting after doesn't work for you. Keep looking and I'm sure you eventually find your perfect bag. Welcome to TPF by the way.
  11. I totally understand. My first Coach purchase was the same way. I used it for one day and realized it didn't fit easily over my shoulder and that was it. Strap drop length is the first thing I look at now when I'm buying a bag. No short straps for me. Coach has so many beautiful bags I'm sure it won't be too hard to find another bag you love that you'll actually get some use out of. Good luck!
  12. I think we've all been there - thinking we finally found our perfect bag, only to have it fall short of our expectations. It is disappointing. Good luck in your search - your bag is out there somewhere. Also just be careful about the satchel - sometimes the straps of the satchels are such that it might not be comfortable with a winter coat either.
  13. Yeah, I don't think I will end up doing the satchel, even though that teal is gorgeous.

    I will say that my return experience is going well, though. I called the SA that helped me yesterday afternoon and told her and she was all "OH NO!!" and promptly set up a FedEx pickup for Monday - the FedEx dude is even bringing me the label! Are all Coach SAs that awesome?
  14. Oh, hun!! At least you had an awesome Sa help you along the way. I hope you can find another bag that fits your needs.