So sad..

  1. I was out and about yesterday and spotted a clearance shop for a well-respected local high-end boutique and saw Bbags in the window!!! I ran in and checked them out, there were briefs in some ocean blue color with GH and black GH cities. After feeling the leather I thought something was off and checked the price. It was $50. I asked if the leather was real, the SA told me it wasn't. I realized that the bags were knock-offs. The GH looked so good! I just don't get it, why is it so easy to fake bbags? The distressed look, the hardware - everything looked like on the real bags. I realized that I don't want to buy bbags anymore and I am sad :crybaby:
  2. B-bags have been knocked off since the beginning of time. Doesn't bother me in the slightest.
  3. Here in the Midwest, the fake Balenciagas are so blatantly fake, no one would ever confuse a fake with an authentic handbag. I haven't ever seen a good fake IRL. Of course, I don't live in NYC, Paris, Hong Kong, etc., but it just seems like it would be difficult to replicate the amazing chevre leather. I have heard that there are good fakes, hopefully not very many!
  4. What can I say??? I feel your pain...:flowers: I felt like that with my beloved LVs (thank god, I'm now over it!). I collected them over the years and now there are so many fakes, and they are everywhere! Just remember, somebody once said "imitation is the highest form of flattery". It just affirms what we know all along...B bags rock!:jammin:
  5. To clarify...I mean that it doesn't keep me from appreciating the real thing!
  6. guccidiva i saw a "look a like'' yesterday while i was shopping. im sad too.. Y cant they do a new design instead of copying.. But it wont deter me from buying an authentic 1 though...
  7. I've seen plenty of fakes but not one that had the details down correctly enough to fool me. Overall appearance can be imitated, but the small details that make Balenciaga's bags so amazing can not.
  8. Oh, I do appreciate the real thing too~ It's just the desire to buy isn't there anymore. Before I knew there were fakes, the bag felt unique, now I feel that that unique factor isn't there anymore.
  9. THis one was right on the spot, of course the leather was not real but the shine, the softness, the distressig were all there. And of course, you could take it out in the rain and snow and never worry about it. With my real bbags, I always check the forecast and would never wear them in the winter and that's like 6 months out of the year!
  10. That stinks! I wish the people behind the fakes would redirect their energy into coming up with their own designs and stop copying!
  11. I agree
  12. Before discovering tPF, I purchased a black city online. Everything looked authentic.....the leather was actually not bad, and even the hardware was very close. I just happened to stumble upon the atelier.naff site and checked the numbers on the silver plate. They were off, so I did some more checking and finally sent the bag back and was lucky enough to get my money back. It was scary how close it was though.
  13. Geez. THat's the thing, if the only difference between the real and the fake bag are the plate numbers.. that's just bites, I mean, I never look at those numbers in the first place.
  14. I have seen many fakes both on internet and in person, but what I like about bbags, that will never stop me from buying authentic bbags, that all fakes bbags just has this horrible plastic leather (maybe some has distressed leather), but compared authentic bbag and fakes side by side, then you would know what I mean. I found that fakes bbags aren't even good enough compared to authentic. But I have seen extremely good fake LV that just looks exactly like authentic LV.
  15. Unfortunately, if I couldn't buy a bag that was knocked off I would probably be stuck buying bags from target. That's just the way it is these days. Almost EVERYTHING is knocked off. I can still appreciate the fact that I have the real deal. No knock-off can duplicate the softness of my beat up vert gazon day. I wear that sucker rain or shain, and it still get's tons of compliments.