So sad...

  1. :crybaby:I was so happy with my new epi bowling GM ivorie...
    Then Saturday I went to restaurant with my parents... My father began: "Oh! How big! It's a luggage not a purse!".
    And then: "let have a look?... But what is made of? Plastic?"
    Me: "No, it's leather"
    He: "Naaa! This could not be leather, hahaha, credulous!"
    Me: "dad it's really leather! it had a particular treatment!
    He: "don't be silly!!! what leather and leather! THIS COULD BE NOT BE LEATHER!!!... :crybaby:
    If this was leather... it's the worst leather I've ever seen!!! Not soft, so stiff...
    I worked with leather, I know how the good leather has to be! totally different!"
  2. Awww, cheer up! Maybe you just need to soften up your dad a bit with whatever it is that normally makes him say yes. Daddys girls always get their way:yes: Im sure in time he will give in.
  3. Awww, I think Daddy's just teasing you!
  4. yeh I think hes just messing about with you!!! Dont worry! xx
  5. Awww Steph don't be upset. I am sure he was just teasing you a little. If you like your bag then enjoy it.
  6. haha yup, i think he's teasing you too! cheer up!
  7. Aww i am sorry.
  8. Don't be upset... he's a man after all *lol*
    Enjoy your bag, it's gorgeous!
  9. Hey, don't be sad... enjoy your gourgeous bag, and don't pay too much attention to good old dad - he's just teasing you. (Or has zero sense for fashion, in wich case you should totally ignore his comment). Remember - advising you about bags is not his job!
  10. Oh girls, he was very serious, believe me...
    I'm sad because I'm afraid that the bag could give that impression to others... of being cheap... non-leather...
    :crybaby: :sad: :true:
  11. As long as you HEART LV, Stefanie, nothing else matters!LOL!:heart:
  12. Your dad is probably teasing you. Don't pay attention as long as you love it!
  13. don't worry stephanie. i have the exact same bag as you do and i get nothing my compliments on it. one look and you know it's the real deal. your dad may be serious but is his validation on what you carry so important to you? what's more important is that YOU love the bag and YOU want to carry it. and believe me, who cares what strangers think whether or not its real. most of the time out there, people can't even tell a real one vs. a fake. don't feel bad my dear and wear it proudly! i'm sure you ROCK that bag too!
  14. Don't worry! As long as you're happy. And I'm sure you'll get heaps of comments on how good it looks on you and you'll forget the negative ones:yes: But I can understand how you want your dad to appreciate your interests. It's difficult when you have two different mindsets, often it's a matter of accepting things you can't change. Maybe try having a couple of friends over while your dad's around and have them conveniently gush and praise your bag ;) He'll then realize that while your bag might not look like much to him, it does to other people and he'll be proud he's got such a stylish daughter! Plus, it's obvious from the design and attention to detail of the bag that it's not just cheap plastic! :yes:
  15. aww, I'm sorry to hear that, but I wouldn't let it get you down. Dad's just dont understand this kind of thing..;)