So sad when you know more than the SA

  1. So I just called Fendi in Beverly Hills asking about color availabilty. The rude SA tells me that the Spy never came in a carmel or beige color. I called Vegas and did not know what was Petrol or the pleated versions? :wtf:

    Where are you girls finding your Spys and there any good SAs?
  2. Is everyone getting great customer service?
  3. gloss_gal,
    Fendi is famous for its bad service unfortunately, that's from what I heard. But however I have the best treatment from most of them since I go there a lot(only in California stores), I have the best SA in SCP and BH location but I really don't know if I could mention names here. BUT I did get a bad treatment one time when I called them because they didn't know(except for my SA) who I was until I showed up at the store(they remember my face I guess?). So my suggestion is when you call, act/sound like you really know what you're talking about so that way they know that you're really serious with your questions.
  4. I just called to inquire about a color? I just think that some SAs are for the quickest/easiest sale they can get. Just my opinion.
  5. My SA from the Beverly Hills store is awesome! I'm sorry you haven't found a respectable SA.