So sad Trompe L'Oeil pochette was almost mine..

  1. Yesterday I started the thread about the retail price for Trompe L'Oeil pochette. I love this bag and I saw Let-trade has it in their website. Very nice Pfer Gergirl sent me the link to the auction on German ebay (ends in 12 hours) So this auction ended at 1:54 am..

    I really want this bag..I don't speak German but LV is universal language..:nuts:
    I can't stay up all the way because my DH will freak out especially for a bag.

    I went to bed normal time and told my body to wake me up at 1:45am. I know it's weird but I do it all the time. I woke up at exactly 1:45 am, stay in bed for couple of minutes making sure my DH is really in deep sleep. Put bundle of blanket on my bed side. Incase he wanted to cuddle me it's not empty.

    I went to study room and turn the monitor on. I didn't turn off the pc because it will take forever to load all the stuff. 4 minutes left beforel the auction was ended..I was so sleepy, my eyes were hardly open. I wanted to make sure I didn't bid more than I want to pay because it's in Euro. I thought I just double the amount, I was the highest bidder..the last 10 second someone else outbid me..I tried to bid again but it's ended..I couldn't believe I was outbid by $1 !!!!:cursing: :cursing:

    When I checked it's only about $600 !!!!! I can afford couple of hundreds more..It's freakin a steal considering it's one hard bag to get and I love it :sad: !!!

    I was so sad and mad at the same time. I couldn't go back to sleep ...well...I went to bed mad..

    Thanks for letting me rant..Gergirl..thank you for the link, you are so sweet..
  2. Ugh!!! That's the worst!!!!

    I had that happen to me recently with a Mono Keepall and it was infuriating because I was sure I had won it!!!

    Those darned snipers!!!

    Try to keep your chin up...I'm sure another one will come around again.
  3. aw that sucks! the trompe l'oeil is beautiful, i used to have it but sold it as it didn't fit anything :P
  4. Aww, bagsnbags, sorry to hear about what happened. :sad:

    But don't worry, there's always other sellers with the Trompe L'Oeil pochette, it will show up on eBay soon. I think Let-Trade has one for sale. :smile:

  5. Thanks guys...

    I was so sure I got it..bummer..

    US$ has been so weak against Euro so I thought just double the amount but didn't go overboard otherwise I would rather buy from Let-trade..

  6. Wow $600 is a steal. I hate when I am outbidded at the very last second by a dollar or so. That's the worst.
  7. Consider a sniper program next time. What happened to you happened to me too many times that I now set a snipe. If my snipe is too low than it wasn't meant to be mine. But it makes me feel better that I was able to get my snipe in whether I win it or not.
  8. So sorry to hear that!!!:sad: I am sure another one will come your way soon!!!:flowers:
  9. Thanks ladies...just not meant to be..

    Bagsnob, can you please tell me more about sniper program..I heard about it but never really use it.. TIA
  10. I have heard about the snipe thing to would love to learn more about it.. Do tell!!
  11. I use :smile: Try it out, it's really easy to use and I have won everything since I started using it :P
  12. I will check it out- thanks Habibty...
  13. Thanks habity, I will check it out..I don't think my DH will love it very much if I win all the time LOL :upsidedown: