So sad to see a fakes Neverfull's so real..any comment

  1. Hi all,

    last weekend I went to a mall near by. I was so shock that one of the boutique are selling Replica Neverfull, which was I saw detailed, it looked so real with the original one I have...The sales counter said it's the super one which is close to the authentic one. Oh my...I can't believe, how they can find such material, color, inside motive ,models, threads and sizes that looks really alike.Even me, I can not find the difference. I have even touch and feel the bag. The soft leather also feel no different than mine. The one that different only the price. Compare the authentic LV I bought for Sing$1000, this fake Bags only around US$110...I really shock when she told the price

    Any comment from you all. What's make the major different between the super replica and authentic. Now I feel really down cause My lovely authentic neverfull has the replica which really looks alike with hardly no difference:sad:
  2. were the handles vachetta???
  3. but yeah the neverfull looks like an easy bag to fake
  4. Well, for one thing the authentic LV you have is backed by LV's repair/return warranties. If something happens to yours, LV will help you out. The other difference is that you can carry yours with pride, whereas the fake one you would proably feel embarrassed to carry since you are used to carrying the real thing.
  5. it maybe the same but as time go by i think it will fall apart :yes: our authentic neverfull will last for many years compare to the fake one :p
  6. were the handles vachetta???[/quote]

    It looks like vachetta, but I don't know it real vachetta or not...but the color are exact with mine when I first bought the real one.
  7. A lot of people that buy fakes are bag hoppers, they would never carry the same fake bag for more than a year.
  8. maybe not cowhide leather maybe it is man made skin ????
  9. If not cowhide leather, does it will change over the years?
  10. nope it will not change to honeybrown/patina over the years if its man made leather....:smile:
  11. so we can differ more easier if the vachetta of ours change to honey brown. that is more easily to identify that ours is authentic, doesn't it?

    Is patina patented by LV or Replica can also made with real patina?
  12. Also, man-made "pleather" cracks and breaks pretty quickly, especially if it is on the handle. I know, unfortunately I have had bags with faux leather handles In my lifetime. One snapped on day 3! I was sooo very pissed- and I couldn't return it, final sale!! That sealed it for me, only quality from then on out.
  13. My friend's fake aaa+ speedy changed color and the patina was ORANGE!!!:throwup: If the neverfull does patina, Im sure it'll turn orange and the stitching will come off in no time!!! They will rip apart! Thats what happens to all the fakes!:cursing:
  14. Some replicas can make an honey patina. Not only the super-replicas.Trust me.

  15. yes depend on the faker who use what type of leather normally they wont use good leather cos it will cost a bomb to em' and they nid to sell it in a high cost who would wan to buy a fake when the price almost the same as the real:smile:

    one more thing they have poor sitching i believe and sometime they use glue instead of sitching...:yes: