So Sad To Lose My 3 Vintage Chanel Flaps.. :(

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  1. I’m soo sad to lose my 3 vintage Chanel Flaps… But I have no choice since I’m out of cash right now.. I guess, I have to pay my bill first and put extra effort earning some cash in the near future for my future handbags.. SAD!!!
  2. It is the right thing to do, if you are having a baby you need to prioritise, babies can be soo expensive (I have a 1 year old so I know). Once you get back on ur feet then perhaps u can get more bags, u will have to just be content with what u lready have. I know it can be hard, I have a baby and there are so many thing that I want, but my baby comes first and I know it won't be forever.
  3. It is the right thing to do. I had the same situation before, and I had to part with a lot of my handbags, even really great classics, just because you have to learn the responsibilities that you must attend to. Focus on getting what needs to be taken care of FIRST. Then play. Once you earn and save money, the items you purchase to reward yourself would be even better than now.
  4. So sad because I have to let go of my purses not because of our coming baby.. But because of my DH doesn't have a job and I'm standing as a financer for 2 months already! :sad:
  5. rica--the bags are beautiful and yes, you will miss them,:sad: but keeping your finances in order esp with dh out of work and the baby on the way is necessary, right?
    so try to focus on making a good decision rather than your to you!:flowers:
  6. aaw... so sorry to hear that, but i think it's the best for now.
    u made the right decision and hope good karma will come your way :yes:
  7. don't worry about handbags now. You can always get them again when your more financially stable.
  8. Sorry about your trouble..but this too shall pass. Just remember, after all they are only handbags. Your future is a lot more important.
  9. I'm right there w/ ya. I am due in Sept and I'm trying to save for oooneee more purchase and then I'm done for awhile!!!!
  10. DH out of work and expecting a baby? wow, that is really tough. The last thing you need to worry are handbags, set your priorities straight and you'll be able to buy new handbags again. kudos for selling your bags to accomodate your financial situation though.
  11. Rica, as soon as your sweet baby arrives you won't even think twice about these bags you've had to let go. Your family's future is so much more important than these material things. I hope your situation will turn around soon...and before you know it, you'll be on to collecting new bags. Take good care!
  12. Rica, that's the right thing to do.. Your family is much more important than these material things.. After all, you're expecting the most beautiful baby !! Be happy.. Take care of yourself alright !!
  13. Thanks guys for all your support! I feel a lot better now than yesterday or the day before... I am really feeling down especially whenever I see my Chanel boxes before all stocked up to the ceiling.. Now it's only a half.. :sad: Again.. Thanks!
  14. Wow yea priorities definately :biggrin: its relly nice of you to sell ur bags to accomodate your family veyr noble and we should all learn from this :biggrin:
  15. ^My Mom's comment is "why sell all your handbags when you earned it? Just for your lazy husband..." Sad.. But true...