So sad to be leaving my babies for a week...

  1. For the first time ever I will be leaving my 3 pugs to go on vacation and get married. My fiancé and I are going to Kauai and the whole family is going too; except our 3 babies who can’t go with us. Usually we have a family member watch our dogs at the house but since everyone is going we will be taking them to a pet resort.

    This whole week I have been dreading dropping them off, which we will have to do tonight. I know I am going to start crying. I know they will be in good hands but boy will I miss them! Amazing how attached we get, huh?

    (Disco, Hazel and Luna :smile:)


    Sounds like the pugs may be getting better treatment than us on their “vacation” though!

    All dogs will be greeted by their personal caregiver and led to their suite. They will find a small treat on their bed and their dream vacation will begin.

    Daily Activities
    • Pets will awake to soothing piped – in music.
    • Pets will be let out to stretch and potty.
    • Holidays and birthdays will be celebrated.
    • Rooms are cleaned, fresh bedding is supplied and breakfast is served.
    • Pets are then ready for a fun-filled day.
    • Social dogs will spend the day in our doggie day camp
    • All others will walk and play several times a day in a private play room with a camp counselor.
    • Pets will receive dinner and a movie featuring the hottest animal stars.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. For my next life I want to come back as your dogs. :p I know you will miss them but it seems they are going to have a great time you try to do the same.
  3. Can I second that motion!! I think they will miss you, but have a blast!! Congratulations on getting married and I bet your pups will have lots of stories to tell you when you get back :smile: It's nice that they get to stay together too!!
  4. Thanks ladies! I know when I take them in tonight they will be so excited and probably won't even look back at me or notice I am gone. I am bringing my laptop too so I can watch them in the play room because they have a live cam. I can see what kind of trouble they are causing. The week will probably fly by too once I am in Kauai.

    Ps. I love this quote "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~Roger Caras" KittyBag! Definitely true!
  5. Oh my gosh when I go on business travel I miss my dogs so much. Not the DH, just the dogs.
  6. I know how you feel. The first time I left my babies was on feb'06 for THREE WEEKS!! I cried every single day and called every other day, and we were in Spain...yeah, my cell minutes flew!! They were very well cared for. I leave them in a place where they love animals, and specially love my kids. I gets easier. Next week I'm leaving them for 6 days. It's going to be the 6th time we leave them and I'm already feeling the sadness. We left them last weekend for 3 nights and when the caretakers came to get them they left without even kissing us. They like it there very much.

    That place sounds very nice. Please, if you haven't seen the place do so, without calling in advance. Check it out for yourself. The 3rd time we left them was in a different kennel, one belonging to the vet I took them to (NO MORE!) and I didn't check it out. It was hell, hell. Dirty, hot, smelly, small cages...hell. I cried the whole 4 days. I got them back sick, skinny and anguished. My Leeloo even had to be kept over night to treat a virus she caught. Taught me a painful lesson. Now I'll only leave them where we normally do.
  7. I know it is so hard to leave your babies. I hate it too. I know they'll be well cared for.

    Good luck to you, and btw, those babies are the cutest ever. So adorable.
  8. Aww ... my baby is 13 years old it still is hard to leave her, even with my family every time I go out of town! But sounds like your pugs will be well taken care of, and they have each other. Congrats on your wedding, and Kauai is such a beautiful place to get married at. Lucky you!
  9. It sounds like your pugs will be having a good time! I have only one baby and she's old (13) and has all kinds of health issues. I basically can't go away for any period of time more than a couple of days. My family is nervous even about caring for her because she can't deal with the steps at their house. She has fallen down two flights of steps so she basically can't go up and down them anymore. I wish I knew a good person to just come stay in my house with her if I want to go away. I am seriously considering taking a long road trip after Xmas so I can take her with me instead of flying.
  10. It's sad to leave your pets behind. I went on vacation for two weeks last month, and my dog almost wasn't that excited to see me back--my sister had taken care of him and paired him up with her dog. Both got along really well and became friends in that short time, so when I came back, I took my dog home by himself--he acted different for a few days, then he got back into the routine.
  11. I'd feel as bad as you if I had to leave my babies somewhere far from me for that long! But it looks like you set them up at a lovely place, and they should be very well cared for. SO and I have already planned that when we make our house move, our babies will be dropped off at the finest pet spa in Charlotte to relax/be pampered so as to avoid the stress of enduring us making a hectic move. I don't think I could stand them being away there for more than three days, lol, but SO is trying to coerce me into not panicking over a longer stay! Have fun, and I wouldn't worry about your babies too much, they will be in a great place happy as clams while you enjoy your special day ^_^