So sad :( thought I got a cheap Prada but................

  1. I rarely go to TKMaxx here as they never have anything great but I did & thought it was my lucky day!
    I found a gorgeous little brown Baulletto retail is 620GBP, it was there for 299GBP authenticity cards, dustbags the lot.
    Imagine how silly & disappointed I felt when i got home & discovered the padlock was missing :sad:
  2. sounds like something that would happen to me!!! HMM I am guessing there are no more to be found, do you like the bag with the lock missing? Can you over look it if it was a great deal?
  3. No I am a perfectionist it would drive me crazy LOL
  4. But it's the original one? So it's still a bargain. Maybe you can get a padlock from Prada store. At Chloe it was possible. You should try.
  5. Yes I was thinking of trying to get a padlock from Prada, I might do that. The bag is definitely authentic.
  6. Roz, I totally understand . Try calling a prada boutique and see if they can help you, say you lost your lock and see what they can do for you. We all get caught up in the heat of the moment when seeing something we want. I need to pay more attention myself. lol. Good luck
  7. I think you still got a deal!
  8. Yes the bag was cheap enough but my SAa know i didnt buy this bag so I cannot really ask for a padlock, will probably just return it, on the small side for me anyway!