So Sad, they have changed the Alma !

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  1. I bought my Alma ebene last year and today I noticed they have added a "key tag" and also "Protective bottom studs" to the bag. The price has not increased much. I am sooo sad. Why does the style have to change a year after I got it :sad: . I want the key tag
  2. Maybe check and see if they will sell it seperately? Just tell them you lost yours, I'm sure that would work.
  3. My style does not have the bottom studs they have added now:sad: I though Alma was classic like the speedy
  4. They still are classic. Your Alma is just as beautiful as the new one! Just take pride that you now own a discontinued bag!
  5. I think they can't order the Key tag for me :sad: . I wish I waited a year to buy my Alma
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    Last edited: Oct 21, 2010
    I bought my Damier Alma in February this year and the SA told me it was the last one in the store. Few days after my purchase I read that they were being modified.
    When I saw the new “improved” Almas I was a little bit sad and disappointed, but when I think about it now I wouldn’t have changed a thing!
    In those 6 months I spent beautiful moments with my bag and I don’t think that the new Alma would make much difference.

    Now about the “improvements” - the clochette does not bother me, it's cute but that’s all there is to it and I read that you can order one if you like ( I saw a picture of girl holding her EPI Alma Cassis with the clochette a year ago.
    The thing I like about the new version are the protective studs on the bottom. I regret my Alma not having those, they really make it easier protecting the bottom of the bag.
    And also, the new Almas are smaller than the old ones and that I do not like about them, I can barely fit what I need in my Alma.

  7. I agree!
  8. Honestly speaking, I don't think the key tag and protective studs add that much value to the design. The original classic design is just as beautiful! :yes:
  9. The Damier Alma you bought was an older model. It has been out for several years. The new Damier Alma is smaller in size, I believe. But they will always be classic regardless. You shouldn't feel bad.
  10. Don't be sad, I think your older model is wasy more classy and beautiful :amuse: Not a fan of ther newer ones

    But if you really really want the new one, why don't you sell yours and "re-buy" it? :smile:
  11. I think I am going to sell it. I am liking the new alm a lot. Hmmmm confused
  12. I am sad I didn't buy it before the new model. I prefer the older original (if I may say) version.
  13. Hmmm, the dimension seems the same to me .
  14. I hate the new alma. It's lost what was special about the old one. I have a multicolore alma in white and will cherish it all the more.
  15. if you are really upset, sell and buy a new one.