So Sad - The Star Bag production cancelled

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  1. I fell in love with this star bag that was posted a few days ago. So I started researching it only to be informed by Chanel that it will not be produced. How frustrating! This is the third cute bag I've seen in a magazine only to find it will never be a reality - bummer! :sad:
    Chanel Stars IV.jpg Chanel Stars.jpg Chanel Stars II.jpg
  2. I liked that bag too, what a shame.
  3. Oh no, if its true, that's too bad! :shocked:
    Although my wallet is breathing a deep, heavy sigh of relief.
  4. I know it might be a little trendy, but I loved the funkiness of the bag and the leather looked smooshy in a really good way...
  5. LOL - I kind of thought the same thing :yes:! M
  6. rats, i was just asking my SA about it today, what a bummer :tdown:
  7. Oh no, Celia's gonna be heartbroken. She's been looking forward to this bag!!! Just wondering, where did you get the intel from?
  8. OMG....u serious? wat a shame that they stopped this star printed production...jus wonder why?

    I was pining high hope for the reissue flap and they aren't available??
  9. oh no!! its a gorgeous bag.. i wonder why they cancelled production.
  10. BOO! I wanted this bag... and for once, BF agreed that it was a cool bag. Hmp, serves me right that a Chanel that he finally likes, they choose not to make ;)

    Any word on why exactly??
  11. LOL, just read this...

    Celia is probably REALLY sad now. O well, one more bag you can knock off your HG/most wanted list, C! Which means 3 more new ones you can add to replace it :lol:
  12. So that's why no one could find it in their lookbook! Merde, I was so liking this purse.
  13. Yeah I'm so disappointed as well :crybaby: It's such a nice bag and would have sold a lot, silly of them not to produce it:tdown:
    I actually was told the same think by an SA yesterday since she couldn't find it in her lookbook, she said it must have been made just for the magazine shoot!
  14. Hang on, just remembered...didn't Savannah say her SA said they were getting it??