So sad... question about black caviar leather.

  1. Hey ladies... okay, so I have a beautiful medium classic in black caviar leather with silver hardware. She isn't used daily by any means, at most once a week... and I am super anal about my bags (I even bring the dustbag to restaurants, theaters etc. OCD style haha). Anyway, I just noticed that by the button closure on the left side there are four small areas where the leather has turned white... as if the black has faded!! :confused1: I should mention that it isn't visible when the bag is closed, however, it still bothers me. I have also noticed the same thing on the handles of my mom's black Medallion tote, but to a greater extent (the tote she uses quite frequently). So my question is, has this happened to any of your black caviar leather bags (or for that matter any caviar bags)? I haven't noticed this on any other bags I have (brown caviar, light beige, pink, coral, etc.) and I'm really sad. :sad: It was purchased several years ago at NM, so I don't know what their policy/price is for sending it out for repairs, etc. ahh. Any advice or help would be appreciated... thanks in advance ladies!!
  2. I have that exact bag but used it everyday for the first year I had it. I purchased it in 2003 and it still looks as it did that day.
    I'm pretty sure NM only does repairs free for 1 year, but I'm sure if you are a good customer or know someone there they'd still do it. They can pretty much do what they want, it depends on their mood I think.
  3. Oh that sucks. I"m anal about my bags as well. Hopefully you get it taken care of.
  4. Thanks for your responses! Aprilvalentine - mine was purchased in 2004, and it was used a lot when I first got it too, but now since I have so many bags in rotation, not as much... though I'm still super anal and upset about this. I will try to see if NM can send it in... do you know how much repairs cost if there is a charge? Thanks!
  5. I bought the exact bag you have at a NM in March 2006. I use it occasionally and have not noticed anything yet. I hope I don't! Hope they can fix it for you!
  6. I've only been charged for a repair once. I also had this bag in the lambskin (ebayed it). The chain had been pressed against the interior leather and there was a small tear. They sent it in and unfortunately didn't do a great job. Basically just glued the leather back down and it was kind of a lump then. They charged me $150. :wtf:
  7. Omg, that is totally ridiculous... and they did a crap job, wow!! I sure as hell don't want to pay that amount for a small repair (which if they mess up, I'll be livid)... you would think for the cost of such an expensive handbag they wouldn't need to take more $$ from you ahh! I bought this bag at NM in Short Hills, but now I mostly shop at the White Plains NM... I have to try my luck there I guess, but it would be painful to pay $150 if it comes to that (which I sure hope it won't)!! :push:

  8. Hopefully you won't have to pay. Mine was my fault, but yours is obviously a defect.
  9. Are you certain the white areas aren't stains that can be cleaned with a product like Leather CPR? It wouldn't hurt to try! Caviar is very durable.
  10. ^^ yea, the white stains perplex me:confused1: . I assume you have tried washing it off/cleaning it?
  11. I haven't tried to do that... it literally looks as as if the leather faded... the same thing has happened to the handles of my mom's black medallion tote. What products do you suggest I try? I have LMB and Appleguard stuff for my Bal bags and Paddies... should I try that cleaner?
  12. You can try the Appleguard conditioner but not the cleaner because the cleaner is too harsh. The conditioner is called Appleguard Leather Care. Haven't tried the LMB though - assume that's Lovin' My Bags? It seems like a good product from reviews here.
  13. Hi Roey... ohhh okay, I will try that in a bit and see if it makes any difference! :smile: Yes, LMB is Lovin' My Bags... it's a good line, but I think some Bal girls seem to prefer the Appleguard on their bags... I haven't used anything on my Chanel bags, so this will be a first... I'm kind of scared!
  14. Well good luck and let us know how it works out! Keeping fingers x'd!!
  15. Well... I tried the Appleguard conditioner, and it didn't do anything! :crybaby:Unfortunately, the small white spots are still there, and it very much looks as if the leather faded in those areas, which I cannot believe!! :sad: I guess my only recourse now is to go to NM and hope they won't charge me an arm and a leg to send it out for repairs (it was purchased in 2004, no recepit)... I'm really sad about this, especially because I have never seen this happen before and am anal about all of my bags ahh!! :push: