So sad, Pop Haut straps driving me crazy!

  1. I'm so sad. I sold my Viva Cite to buy the Pop Haut, which I tried on at LV and thought was the perfect bag. The outside strap pops off my shoulder when I wear it and is driving me crazy. I'm thinking I must be a single strap girl since I love my Croissant MM, small, but soo comfortable to wear.
    Can't return this baby now, thinking about taking (another!) loss and going for the Tulum GM.
    Has this happend to anyone? any advice???
    TIA :crybaby:
  2. Yes, I have the same problem with mine- she's a bad girl and has to stay home in the closet. Unless I want to carry her by the straps. Its like they needed to make the straps just a tad bit longer...
  3. I've heard that about the Haut :sad:

    Have you tried varying the length of the straps to see if a different length suits you better? HTH!
  4. I sold my BH for the same reason, the straps were driving me crazy....But i really like the shape of the Pop Haut, this cuties on my list tho.
  5. I have that problem too. Because of that (and not wanting to have my leather get dirty until I get some shining monkey on them), I don't wear her too often. And, when I do, I usually have to tuck her all the way around to my back to keep her from sliding off my arm ;)
  6. Crossing the straps helps them stay put....
  7. Yes, single strap shoulder bags are the best!:yes:
  8. When I had my Cabas Piano, I would put the bag on my shoulder and take the outside strap and put it as far over the other strap as I could, it seemed to work out pretty good that way, not too much slipping. But I know what you mean, that would drive me nuts too!! I'm more of a hand-held bag girl now.
  9. too bad, that was on my replacement/birthday list for my viva, which I just recently sold because it was too much mono. the pop haut seemed so cute and whimsical, but falling straps drive me nuts.
  10. yes, I too have the same problem with the out side strap falling down, but I cross them or hold the straps in front of me while I wear it, it usually helps. but overall, I don't really think it is the most comfy bag to wear, I much prefer a one strap shoulder I don't use this bag as often as id like too
  11. The Coussin has two straps and it's fine for me...
    Probably because the straps are very thin compared to the BH, PH, etc. and the bag is smaller...I also stuff my bag to the max so it also weighs it down, preventing the straps from slipping.

    The crossing over of the straps should work though, I do that with my cheaper 2-strap bags.
  12. what about tucking the outside strap under the other when you have it on your shoulder?
    Maybe that will hold it in place.
  13. Oooooh! same prob here! Hate em straps! arrrrrghhhhh! *very angry now!* lol
  14. Me too - the BH had to go because the straps were always slipping off. It's crazy-making, but it's too bad - the PH is adorable!

    If you want a single-strap Mono bag, I highly recommend the Tulum GM. :jammin:
  15. I know what you mean, it's a lovely bag and I really wanted to get one but when I tried it on in the store I could feel that those straps just weren't gonna stay there.:Push: