So Sad! Please Help Chanel Cadets!

  1. Hi Sunflower5, I think empathizing with the customer and showing that you sell only genuine, authentic designer items really helps. I usually am brutally honest with my buyers and tell them that I understand their angst about buying on eBay and assure them that I would never sell them a fake bag....

    Good Luck and let us know what happens....
  2. From what I see here, this buyer of yours is a scammer, maybe a pro at that. She's slowly leading you to offer her a refund. Don't do anything rash. Hold on to your original receipts, all the email, be steadfast on your stand regarding authenticity and keep Paypal regularly updated. Hope everything works out in your favor! GL!
  3. thanks, serrazane for your help. have you seen scams like this before? do you think her intention is to get me to offer a refund then ship a fake package?
  4. I have not seen such scams before but am pretty sure there are. You can go to the eBay subforum threads on tPf to search. As to your second question, those are the exact vibes I'm getting from this buyer. She gives me the creeps lol.
  5. Sigh there are so many spammers on eBay now.
  6. ^^ That's awesome news! So glad to hear.