So sad, no macys for me/Ordering by phone?

  1. Ok so i just got back from work after looking at my schedule realizing I have to work Saturday (the day I planned on going 2 hours away to Coach and Macys). I'm sooo pissed! LOL


    So I'm thinking I might be able to order what I want (even though I'm not sure- Large or Medium Carly- In cotton or gold, or the cotton slim tote? IDK) over the phone?

    Has anyone done this and recieved the F&F discount along with a new card discount?

    Is the shipping free?

    Which Macys did you call?

    Thanks for the help!

    I need a new bag!!!
  2. Call Herald Square 212-695-4400 dial 0 for the operator, ask for coach department... they charge shipping no idea how much!
  3. Do you know what bags they have there? Any of the cotton signature line?

    What's the % off for a new card do you know?

    Thanks I will do that first thing tomarrow!
  4. its 15 now but i think someone said on friday it would go up to 20? or after F&F
  5. oh and i dont know what they have i barely stayed there for 2 minutes it was sooo crowded
  6. ^ actually @ the herald Sq macys' it was 20% off for getting a new card + the 20% for the F and F

    and Iheartcoach i just PMed u :smile:
  7. oh ok.. i got fooled by the application having the 15 on it
  8. oh and if anyone wants me to pick up anything for them let me know.. my macy has almost everything, and i think u would save on shipping if u just asked a member who lived nearby the store to get u ur thing and ship it!
  9. There is a disclaimer on my FF 20% discount coupon that says that it is not valid for Coach phone orders. I think that is all relevant to who you talk to though.
  10. i think they mean phone orders from the 1 800 number.. but if u call the store directly its different
  11. Interesting.
  12. I just called the Herald Square Macys and they told me I can order bags over the phone, not shoes and I can't apply for a charge over the phone.

  13. You could open the charge at your local Macy's and then call them (but you'd only get the discount offered by your local Macy's). What you will get is a credit on your statement for the purchases you make in the first 2 days. You can also open a Macy's charge online but the discount may be different.
  14. Yeah I think it's only 10% online,

    Ugh I am determined to find
    a.) a Macys that does over the phone orders and charges
    b.) a Macys near me that has the large Carly!!!!
  15. Our Macy's has the large Carly for sure in leather but I can't remember about the signature. My discount is 15% good through today. If you want me to go to the store to look for you tonight, let me know.