So sad...need retail therapy??

  1. I am so bummed out today...
    The job I had verbally accepted last week in healthcare recruiting turned out to be not something I'd be happy in. The company provided no formal training (and I had no clue what to do) and the commission plan was not very favorable. So, I decided to go with another offer at an old company of mine (in the mortgage business that I so wanted to get out of)...I really just need fulltime work at this point. So, I called the manager to say I'd accept this morning, and he said they are now looking at someone else tomorrow and will get back to me! I am soooooooooooo frustrated!!!!!
    I need some LV retail therapy...or is that a BAD pick me up???
  2. Aww I'm so sorry. I'm desperate for another job too. But it's hard to find one right now. My job sucks but I gotta suck it up for the sake of LV. If you can afford something right now, get the new Cles or some hearts. YOu'll def feel better.
  3. I am sorry you have to go through that. Are you a new college grad? It'll get better! I'm sure a little LV "window shopping" will left your spirits:graucho:
  4. honey, if you can afford it, go for it! life is short, so if some retail therapy will cheer you usually makes me feel better!
    good luck to you in getting a job that you really like, i'm sure everything will work out.
  5. Thanks for all the kind comments, Ladies, I really appreciate it! I had even bought a new Damier medium agenda in celebration of finding a new job...oh well...I can still use it for my grocery lists for the time being, LOL. :smile:
  6. Hey BacardiG,
    I'm so sorry that happened to you... Ohhh.. cross fingers you'll get better offer next time. Dont worry there are times in our life things doesnt go as planned, but eventually it will get better... Aha!!! I've seen you in the Chanel subforum contemplating on PST..... maybe a new PST will help you get thru this moment... :p
  7. As you have no job at the moment and already bought a pricey agenda, it's best if you limit yourself to some window shopping!
  8. Yes, I was hoping to buy the PST with my first guess it will be a bit delayed. On a good note, my classes start tomorrow (I am going back to school for pre-med or Pre-pharmacy) so, that is still something positive to look forward to ! :tpfrox:
  9. ~ITA:flowers:Don't be so dishearten-better job offer will be coming to your way soon:angel:~
  10. True....if you don't have a job right now, don't buy anything. I was sad yesterday...gained 5 lbs over the holiday and it's not coming off very easily. I bought the new cles and it cheered me up right away!
  11. if you do buy something, buy something small, i think the cles is a great suggestion.
  12. I'm sorry about your job! Hope things get better for you!
    I would love to tell you to get some 'retail therapy' but like someone else mentioned since you just got your agenda maybe it's better to stick w/window shopping ? IDK, enjoy whatever you decide to do!! :smile:
  13. I would wait for a celebration to buy a bag or something big. I bought a bag in a moment of distress (when I didn't get a promotion I really, really wanted) and never used it because it reminded me of that awful day. Or maybe buy some makeup (I bought a Chanel powder compact after I found out I didn't get a job) or something less expensive. Still retail therapy....

    Personally, I'd want the bag to celebrate the NEW job!!!

    I hope your day goes better and you get the job you want!
  14. You know your financial situation best; if you can afford something great! If later you'll stress on the money spent then pass. No need to bundle more stress into the picture. As to the job, try to look at the upside. You sound llike you have so much on the ball what with your education and past job experience. Some people aren't even considered for two job options in one week. Good luck!
  15. awww so sorry about that, things will work out soon! Remember when one door closes, another one opens ... so yeah, go open that LV boutique door and buy buy buy! LOL! Just kidding, buy only what you can afford ... something that'll definitely cheer you up!