So sad - need a group Hug.......

  1. I know I have been totally greedy lately regarding my consumption of buying spy bags, and I know I have the green one, Hologram,and black/sequin one coming but it looks like I am not going to be able to get the Holy Grail of spys the Dark Green/Gold Hologram, spoke to Fendi today and its not looking at all good, will know for sure in a weeks time but I am totally devastated:crybaby:
    they are defaintly putting my name into the green spy which is great but can only have 5 letters still this is mind blowing really, having your name in your own bag.

    So cheer me up ladies, let me know that one day I shall find the Holy Grail........
  2. Saich one day you will find it when you least expect it and that will make it even more exciting (if that is at all possible) As you said though you have all those lovely other ones to amaze you and keep you inspired. Having your name in the spy as well - thats one big cheer up!

    I am sure that everyone on this Fendi Forum knows that as soon as they see the holy grail to get a hold of you at all costs.

    I say enjoy those new beauties you have coming and I am sure when you are not expecting it one will appear.

    Remember to post pics of the new additions
  3. *Hugs, Hugs, Hugs* :flowers:

    Hang in there! You have amazing Spy Karma and I believe everything will work out for you in the end. ;)

    You will be getting 3 gorgeous, unbelievable Spies over the next 4 months, so
    that should eleviate your sadness! :yahoo:

    Yeah, you get your name in your green Spy? Royal treatment or what? :queen:
  4. I know I should not feel sad, I am being totally ungrateful and need this:noggin:
    be alright tomorrow, probably feel even more determined to get one
  5. Oh, you'll totally get your beautiful spy as wanted. when you do, it'll be even more sweet. and i totally hear you on the being greedy with so many new spies lately and i actually feel really guilty about it case i have so many bags, i have a marriage to plan for, a mortgage coming, a house, etc, etc. i gotta quit it with these bags, especially spys, lol. im even contemplating just keeping my chocolate & spalmati. that way i have them and just be happy. they are stunning bags but i honestly, personally don't need them in every color.

    i hope you get your beautiful ones soon, can't wait to see them posted and see how happy you are *hugs*
  6. Hey, you said it yourself, "will know for sure in a weeks time". So all's not lost yet! Keep ya head up! Keep handbag hope alive! Like Frankie Goes To Hollywood said "Don't give up, don't give in" (Rage Hard). It ain't over till the fat lady sings and I'm too busy finishing off this family size bag of Hershey's Kissables (Mmmm, chocolate!) to carry a tune! Plus, like Stars said, you've got Spy Karma! Trust it! And to have YOUR name on a Spy! As Ali G would say "Big up yourself. Respekt"! Keepin' my fingers, toes, legs, eyes and everything else I can cross, crossed! ((((((HUGS))))))
  7. Saich, I know how disappointing it is when you have yearned for a particular bag for so long:yes: ...bag karma will come to you and you will find your SPY!! Plus, you already have some Spies to keep you going until then...and a few more Spies in the future to look forward to!:winkiss:
  8. I will let you know if I see one! ((((hugs!!!)))) In the meantime, enjoy your new spies which are on my own personal Holy Grail list! (the turquoise hologram and 2005 green). Wow--how do you get your own name on a spy? Cool!
    Think of it this way--we always need something to look forward to, right? Half the fun is in the hunt (I keep telling myself!)
    I know what you mean about having so many spies--it's been fun, and I love carrying them--but I feel guilty spending so much on handbags! (not to mention how much less I have in my bank account)
  9. *hugs*

    Awww Saich! Don't worry -- there are plenty of beautiful spies out there, just waiting for a home! Think blueberry...!
  10. Saich2, Hang in there! Even though you are disappointed, I'm sure even more gorgeous spies will come your way. I'll send whatever good bag karma I have to you.

    :heart: BL
  11. ** Hugs ** Hang in there. Stay positive, see what happens in a week.