So sad! my L'amore BV (part II)

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  1. ok guys!! here is a picture!!!
    I was at Macys in LA today but they didnt have any more amore to exchange!!
  2. egads!! wow kokebon ... that looks pretty bad to me. I can totally understand why you would be upset. Are you going to try to fix it or does Macy's take returns for defective products?
  3. well the sales associate from Macys knows me well cuz i bought a lot that day, she remembers me. I will go back and do an exchange.
  4. :wtf: That looks really bad. And you've had it for only 2 weeks? I can't imagine that happening to my bags though. Hope you'll be able to exchange it.
  5. good luck kokebon!!
  6. That seems to be a common problem with the BV's and Mamma Mias. My Paradiso Mamma Mia had that same problem. I sewed it up, but it's not perfect. And Snoopa had the same problem with her Amore BV. I love the Mamma Mia and BV, but it kind of worries me to buy any more in that style.:sad:
  7. I had this happen to my non-toki bag. My mom re-run the zipper on their tracks and sew the end of the tracks with thread. It lasted quite a while.
  8. awww... that looks bad :crybaby:
    i can imagine how you feel, hope you can get a great exchange.

    i carry a amore MM now, and it makes me super wary after reading the incidents here - you, snoopa etc. yikes! that's terrible for the amount we're paying :cursing:
  9. Did you try the Macy's in Burbank? I can't remember for sure, but they had some L'Amore left. Maybe they have another of your bag?
  10. looks pretty bad kokebon!
    I hope you can exchange it in Macy's. Good Luck !