So sad....missed an auction :(

  1. I know that I can post my sadness here with my fellow PFers because you're the only ones who understand how I feel. PHH can't understand how I can feel so bad about a purse. :yucky:

    There is an older Chanel style purse that I love and one was up for auction on eBay last night...I was out to dinner and barely made it home 2 minutes before the auction ended and when I tried to put a bid, my computer was having problems and I missed out on the auction :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    I've been looking for this purse forever....the stores are sold out of it and the only place I can find it is on eBay. Of course it doesn't help when a lady in my building has this purse and when I see her use it I just want to grab it from her :sad:

    Thanks for listening....I just had to tell someone...I know my friends wouldn't understand....and PFers can commiserate with me on this.
  2. which one was it?
  3. It was from the souple/supple line, hand held and cute IMO. I didn't save the auction because I can't bear to look at it but I saved a picture.
  4. so sorry...I hope that another one will come soon.
  5. i am so sorry! hugs to you!!!! i will keep on the lookout for this bag for you!
  6. Oh, that's so sad. You should use a sniping service.:yes:
  7. Hope you find another soon.
  8. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone! I don't usually use a sniping service, I usually do my own auctions.

    We were late coming home last night because PHH's car got a flat tire and we had to change it so that's why I was late coming home. :sad:

    Maybe next time I should use one if I'm going to be out for dinner that evening....
  9. I'm sure another will pop up on eBay soon!! Keep checking and i'm sure ull find your dream bag :smile:
  10. awww I feel your pain. =( I will keep an eye out for another!
  11. awww.
    i hope you find another one soon!
  12. Thanks everyone...if anyone sees this anywhere please let me know, any color is fine :flowers:
  13. Ah, sounds like you had a really awful evening last night. First the flat tire and then you missed your dream bag :crybaby:

    If I see one just like that, I will let you know immediately.
    Big hugs for you :flowers:
  14. What a cute little bag!
    Sorry you missed it :sad:
  15. At the beginning I was planning my life around auctions (I don't buy much fashion on Ebay, antiques) Then I found out about - I am very happy with it, the charges are nominal and it forces you to set a bid you are okay with and you are less likely to get involved in bidding wars and pay over what you are happy with.

    Once you enter a bid, you can enter any time after the auction appears, you have until six minutes before the auction to change the amount of the bid . . . you can still bid live