So sad, lost out on getting a Chloe TWICE this week

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  1. Tonight I waited 15 minutes to buy an Edith online at netaporter and guess what, it SOLD OUT. That's the second time recently! The first time I was going to buy the Ava at NM's online presale and it was sold out before I even got my credit card :cursing:.

    Both times the items were SNATCHED out of my "shopping cart." AHHHHHHH!

    Tonight was the first time I've ever burst into tears about not "getting what I want." I feel like such a child but I'm really bummed out. I thought about buying myself a Chloe wallet but it's just not the same...:crybaby:
  2. Poor you...that does suck! but do be persistent becuase these bag keep popping up!
  3. Yeah I'm going to keep looking. It's just the fact that I didn't impulsively buy both times. I gave myself a couple minutes to really think about it about. Then when I went to purchase them, they were no longer in my cart. How can they DO that???

    I bet this happens to a lot of women though and I'm just being a big whiner.

    My boyfriend actually hugged and me and started singing "you can't always get what you want" in my ear. Even cuter, while I was pouting in my closet he was looking on the internet for bags and shoes for me to buy instead. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world! Even my man cheered me up!!!
  4. I'm sorry - I know how it can be when you want something so much and it doesn't work out. Trust me - if it's meant to be you will get your Chloe!
  5. don't give up! sale season is crazy...but it pays off to stalk the websites :p
    i tried THREE times to get my chloe from, and even now i'm not sure if they've processed my order. the first two times they didn't even notify me of the cancellation (i put the wrong phone number in the billing information). this time they are trying to verify the shipping address. FINGERS CROSSED!
  6. OMG!!! I'm so sorry chicbabacool, and you're not being silly at all, I'd be so upset and p****d off if this happened to me! :push:

    I'm sure that perfect edith is waiting for you out there'll find you eventually.
  7. Really sorry, I think most of us can relate, this has happened to me a couple of times, but I try to tell myself if it happens this bag wasn't ment to be for me but it's raging especially if you find a great deal...But I am shure that your "perfect" bag is somewhere waiting for you:tup:
  8. You can set up a NM account with your credit card info stored, so next time you can just check out! It saves me a lot of time~
  9. That totally sucks. Have you tried any other stores?

  10. Sorry to hear that. I order a edith hobo from Saks during final cut but it wasn't the one I wanted (i order it over the phone.. should never do that). Is that the one you want? If so, I will let you know when I am returning it, then you can call them to get the bag.
  11. I lost out on a bag that I wanted as well. I had my account set up, but I forgot my password!! It took me a while to figure it out and I thought my order went through, but I later got an email saying that they were out of stock and that my order was cancelled!!! :crybaby:
  12. If I remember correctly, bluefly had some Avas on sale. They don't call it the Ava, though. They call it something else. (Leather Chloe satchel, etc..)