So sad... Kayne West's mother passed away.

  1. Donda West, mother to Chicago bred rapper Kanye West, has reportedly passed away.

    The tragic news was broken by Hot 97's Miss Info via her blog.

    Donda reportedly passed away in Los Angeles early today (November 11). Kanye, who was in London when the tragic news surfaced, is on his way back home.

    The rapper has always publicly celebrated his close relationship with his mother and dedicated a song to her on his sophomore album, Late Registration.

    Donda served as Kanye's manager and was a former chairman of the English department at Chicago State University.

    Earlier this year, she released a book titled Raising Kanye which detailed his childhood and her experiences as her son's manager.

    She allegedly died from an allergic reaction to medicine while getting a breast augmentation and tummy tuck. :sad:
  2. Wow, sorry to hear this. He always talked about how extremely close he was with his mom.
  3. aw that's horrible. I saw her on Oprah a while ago and she didn't seem to be too old. I wonder what happened :sad:
  4. He must be heartbroken

    I lost my mum when I was 22, so unfortunately I understand what he is going through

    Terribly sad
  5. I'm wondering what went wrong too... my heart goes out to Kayne it's horrible to loose someone that you're close to:sad:.
  6. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gosh.. That is so so sad
  7. That is just horrible. And really shocking that it happened that way...
  8. It is so sad. No matters how old you are, it always hurt to lose your mom. And they had a very loving relationship.
  9. It doesn't seem the news is repeating the cause of death - what a horrible way to go - one of a few reasons that I fear plastic surgery - dying as a result of something so unimportant.
  10. Rest in peace, Louis Vuitton Mom.
  11. Sad.
  12. Poor guy! But it's nice to know that he treated her so well and celebrated her before her passing...
  13. I found an article, said she was 58 years old but did not have a reason as to what happened.
  14. Oh gosh how sad...I always knew they were really close, I'm sure this is devastating for him. :sad:
  15. So sad, may she rest in peace!