So Sad! Its A Baby Elephant Cabas!


formerly Purse-onality
Nov 10, 2006
omg omg i wanna curl up in a little ball under the covers and be disappointed all by myself! I ordered the so called baby cabas in silver, vinyl, the new Cruise line, from NM in San Diego......went to NM here in Boca today and discovered that they had one left there....I asked to see it and when the SA brought it out, I took one look and didnt know whether to laugh hysterically or sob....the thing is gorgeous but so huge that I felt like I was carrying a metallic small volkswagen on my shoulder...........I then, after my initial shock, began giggling like a crazy woman.....trying to keep the laughter muffled so as not to offend any SAs, who help me regularly. Turning various ways in the mirror with the thing on my shoulder, I felt like Mary Poppins about to take off into the stratosphere. Oh god, I am so let'd have to be a 6'6" female basketball player to carry the thing off............although its stunning. Its 20" across....what IS this? I hafta return it when it arrives, or else people will laugh at me. You cannot see my body when I carry it...i look like a purse with feet.............. I am sooooo bummed and need consolation. The bag is amazing despite its size
:crybaby: :crybaby: Has anyone else encounted this with this bag (its the $1,295 one)?

<so sad
:roflmfao: i'm not laughing at you, just the way you described it.
i saw a gold one at a chanel boutique and didn't even attemp to try it on in fears i wouldn't be able to lift it. it was totally stuffed full and looked huge! the color was beautiful though.
:smile: Well think about it this way, when you return it you'll be able to get another Chanel bag that's not so much of a baby elephant. I think the baby cabas is a great style with amazing colors, but I'm not so much of a big bag person myself. I feel your pain! Oh, the way you described yourself like a purse with feet, had me cracking up :roflmfao:
::smiling gratefully through her wet eyes, at her darling PF supporters!

now am gonna go watch an old Melrose Place rerun and try and get over the horror of it all

:sad: I share your pain! NM told me I was guaranteed to get a dark silver leather baby cabas - and I did... but when I opened the box, the bag was larger than the baby cabas - I think its the same size as the one you received. So disappointed - its too big (my version cost $1965 (or close to that)). I just tried it again - still too big! :crybaby: Mine is going back also.
oh Cougess! we are in the same bag...err, i mean, boat!
which one are you gonna get in place of your baby manatee?
get this! the tremendous one is the SAME SIZE as the wildly popular $995 black patent one that has wait lists averaging 6 do I know? I asked the sweet SAs (who are feeling sorry for me too) to measure it......they are the same, which is weird, 'cause unless I have developed a sudden eye ailment (went to eye doctor last week and eyes were fine) mine looks like it has that disease where you can't stop growing, but guess what? am on list for TEAL baby cabas now......hey, had to console myself, it was better than eating a big purse worth of ice cream......(which I still may do) roflmfao

let me know what you replace your cabas with if anything!!! hope you are not traumatized for long!
Ah, sorry it didn't work out. I always felt the original Cabas bags were huge, the baby cabas a much more reasonable size. You will be thrilled with the blue baby cabas.:smile:
Purse-onality, I love your sense of humor. But don't fret, I think that the 2007 collections will bring you much joy. I heard that there will be something for everyone in Spring...patent, RED, denim, metallics, charms, classics, etc. I can't wait to see them.
So let the elephant loose and wait for your swan!
awwwww, Irish and Medina! thank you, ladies...yanno, sometimes one can find fun out of in point, about an hour ago i had the idea to use the monstrosity as a pinata at my little nephew's birthday party, before returning it.....the kids will take swings at it wth a baseball bat, i think that's what they use? hopefully bag will stay it can go back to wherest it came