So sad... I think I ruined my Dusty MAB!

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Feb 17, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
Hmmm... maybe I'll try the cornstarch idea! The splotch is still there... it seems totally dry though, so I fear that something in the cleaner may have just discolored the leather. Incidentally, I got a teeny drop of water on the bag also yesterday and the water mark is still there! I'm pretty sure that one is going to go away though. I love the Dusty but man it picks up everything and I'm such a clutz I probably don't deserve to have such a nice light-colored bag!

Incidentally, I was browsing the handbag section at Bloomingdales today and the SA in the Marc Jacobs complimented my Dusty. She particularly remarked on the color and I told her how the leather seems really delicate and she said that the color was very forgiving, which I suppose is true. I guess I can stop obsessing over every little mark. Plus it gives me an excuse to scope out new colors (not that I really need an excuse)! I'm eagerly anticipating the SS in May and hoping I can score a Matinee and a MAM to join my Dusty and Midnight Pewter MABs.


Sep 26, 2007
I hope your bag gets better!

This is the whole reason I can never have a dusty or anything like it...I KNOW I will mess it up.

I have such bad luck with white and light colors.