So sad, I missed a BNWT's Turquiose City for $600

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  1. at a local consignment shop. I can't believe it. I went in on Sunday and it had sold on Wednesday, after sitting there for over a month. I didn't hear about it until Friday though. Still bummed.
  2. Wow Id Be Bummed Too!
  3. I feel your pain ... A long time ago there was a post here from someone who got a BBag in a rare color for like $15 or something at a Goodwill store? I was so ready to hit all the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores locally.
  4. Man, I never get good deals like this..
  5. oh no that sucks!! Hope the store has another good deal for you to snap up!
  6. was it an 05 or the 08?? sorry you missed it
  7. that blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Yikes, I know your pain!
  9. I'm so sorry! Hopefully you'll get something else you like really soon!
  10. I'm sooo sorry you missed it. I hope you find another one you love soon! Good luck!
  11. oohh that's terrible, I know the feeling! but it will come your way someday!!
  12. Ouch!
    That is a pain!
    I will be bummed too if this happens to me :Push:
  13. Oh man! So sorry.