So Sad, i lose out my offer bid for my Bal Flat Brass Blk 2001 First just now~~

  1. :crybaby: I felt so sad and shocked as well.....i actually lose out my offer bid to another buyer for my beloved balenciaga flat brass black 2001/2002 first bag earlier on......i think i'm goin to wait for a long time to see such auction on's not easier to source for this kinda of unique & vintage bag......:shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  2. Oh no that's a real B@#ch:crybaby: I have seen a few on eBay, so maybe if you wait you will find one soon.
    good luck:supacool:
  3. aaaww Celia i am so sorry for you hun *hugs*:sad: ...that only means that your rare bal is still out there waiting for you ....:yes:
  4. Thanks sweetie (marie1ollie) : Sigh....i hope so...:s
  5. dont worry, you will find your bag! i had to wait over a year before i won one... i was loosing so many auctions it started to get funny! hang in there! its worth it!
  6. don't worry too much another one will pop up!!! it just takes time!!!
  7. Thanks Toni....appreciate your encouragement...will hang in there....:smile:
  8. Nataliam:heart: : Thanks to you and all....hearing all your encouragements made me feel better...actually, i couldn't sleep last nite (probably i know that i will not win)...sadly to say that the seller didn't gimme another chance to offer higher......well, probably i'm not fated to that bag at this point....:sad: :sad:
  9. Awww...I'm so sorry, I know it's such a sad feeling when you are hoping so strongly and it doesn't work out:sad:
    But don't worry- it just means that YOUR bag is still out there! Trust me- it will find you eventually and it will be PERFECT!!!
  10. Stylefly : Thanks again too.....really appreciate it.....:heart:
  11. What a major bummer! Sorry to hear that!But don't worry your bag is still out there waiting for you to come get her.
    Hope she pops up soon for you to snatch her!
  12. Thanks are all so sweet.....:heart: :heart:
  13. I'm so sorry this happened to you!:sad: But I am sure another one will come along soon-fingers crossed!:smile:
  14. MarieG : Thanks to all my's great to have all of you here...with your encouragement makes me to be patient and i'm sure there will be one pop up in no time......:heart: :heart:
  15. flat brass was actually made for 3 seasons and do pop up with regularity! hang in there........