So Sad...hand sanatizer spilled in purse :-(

  1. So i am sitting at my desk at work thinking..hmmm somethng smells fruity. I go to grab my purse and realize the "free hand sanatizer" I received at a trade show earlier this morning...had spilled inside my purse!:wtf:

    For the most parts its cleaned out, but some had touched my distressed leather checkbook holder (Chanel of course:sad:) and the brown color bled onto the beige leather lining inside the purse!

    Fortunately the checkbook is not noticeable, but the inside has brown leather bleeding (Modern Chain Hobo) Is there any good way of cleaning that/ or is it stuck for life.

    I am thankful its at least on the inside.

    And no more freebies are touching my Chanel every again!
  2. o no, i'm so sorry to hear!!!! i'm not familiar with cleaning, hopefully one of the other ladies can help?

    good luck and keep us updated!
  3. Try leather conditioner - it won't get everything out, but it will make it better.

  4. Oh no, hopefully you will get some great tips. Hang in there.
  5. Noooo! I`m so sorry this happened. :sad: I've had this happen to my LV and my Gucci before but it dried off..
  6. That is awful, keeping my fingers crossed for you that it cleans up nicely. Good luck...wish I knew of a trick...but unfortunately I don't. All the best for you and your bag.
  7. oh, that's really unfortunate. Hopefully u can get rid of the stain