So Sad Had To Sell My Coach Pond Legacy Shoulder Bag On Ebay!!!

  1. Hi Everyone-
    I am sad because I just listed my Coach Pond Shoulder Bag xxxxx on eBay to afford the New Coach Legacy Stripe Slim Tote and French Purse!

    Please assure me I did the right thing, what do you all think of the Oxford Legacy Stripe Tote, Matching French Purse and other accessories, do you like this line? Have any of you seen this in person?
  2. ^ Please edit out the item number of your eBay auction, we are not allowed to advertise eBay sales on PF.

    Also, if you're not in love with it then you definitely did the right thing by selling it. This way you can get something you're crazy about! I like the Legacy Slim tote personally!
  3. That's a gorgeous pic on your auction!
    Good luck with your sale!

    Can you post pics/style #'s of what you are saving up for?
  4. So sorry, I am new, I will do that!
  5. Yes I will post picts right now! How do I edit my post to remove the listing number, I didnt know I could not do this?? Thanks girls you are the best!
  6. That's gorgeous! I love the color!
  7. Here are the ones I am getting from the profits from the Coach Pond Shoulder Bag!

    Can't wait!
    10760_B4MC-1_d2.jpg 40553_B4MC_d2.jpg 40555_B4MC_d2.jpg
  8. here is the new one I am selling, I am partially sad but I never used it, so it just sat in my closet!
  9. please don't even post pics of wat your'e selling. tPF STRICTLY prohibits discussions like that.
  10. Those are pretty nice! Good Luck with your sale!
  11. As far as summer color goes, the Oxford Legacy stripe is my favorite. A great set! I wish you great success selling your pond.
  12. sorry swanky mamma of three, I understand that these rules are in place for good reasons, wont happen again.
  13. I love the stripes but I don't like the strap. I'm so picky about having a strap the will fit over my shoulder and hang. That's why I'm in love with the Carly.
  14. the french purse wallet is a great choice!
  15. So sad you have to sell it :crybaby: .
    It's been on my wish list since the first moment I saw it :yes: .
    Gotta sell some in order to buy this one, otherwise I would jump at your auction in a heartbeat.:yahoo:
    Arrrrrrgggggg, I don't have any patience!!