So sad.. First Chanel (Jumbo Caviar) with Creases/Wrinkles at one side

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  1. Hello all,

    I am very new to this forum and also to Chanel bags and I am unhappy to start with something negative.

    But I already read a lot and it is good to have real experts here - Please let me know what you think.

    I bought my bag (Classic Caviar in Jumbo with silver HW) on last saturday in Paris. It was my first visit ever in a Chanel store
    and I was so excited and nervous... Even more, when I decided to take my favourite bag home... So it seems I should have checked it more properly :,( Also, I was not expecting that checking is necessary, as it is quite an expensive item :,(

    Now I am back in Germany and wanted to show the bag to my BF . ( I just unwrapped the bag twice, first time in Paris and second time today..) And I am really sad now.

    One side of the bag is perfect, smooth and everything - like the way it should be... But the other side is quite creased... I tried to make photos of it, because I have no clue what to do... Because I only have the bag since such short time and have never used it... So I doubt that this will even out? Or are these creases normal? (I have checked other pictures in the web and I feel, it should not look like that......)

    Please give me your advice what I can do. I am really sad. Luckily I have a Chanel Store locally so I will call them and let them check the bag, but I am so un-experienced with Chanel Bags :,(

    Do you think, I can exchange it in Germany? Or get a refund? Because this is not the best start and I really expected good quality and a perfect bag :,(

    Kindly check the pictures and please let me know your advise. Thank you so much in advance.




    (Sorry for the long text, but I am a bit upset)
  2. I see what you mean! Did you get the contact card of the SA that helped you? I too was recently overwhelmed by buying my Chanel bag in Paris to only find a flaw on the bag when I was back home in Belgium. I contacted the SA in Paris that helped me and she sent a replacement bag to my local Chanel boutique. The whole process went quickly and smooth.
  3. Ps if you don't have the contact card, maybe just contact the store or ask your local boutique if they can help you in resolving this matter.
  4. Thank you. I have the card of the Sales Agent in Paris. I think I will call them tomorrow, before talking to the local Boutique.

    I am so sad, really.. Just wanted to look at the bag and discovered the creases....
  5. am i the only one who thinks this is the natural grain of the caviar??? caviar is grained calfskin after all. let's face it, these calfs are NOT perfect!!! lol having said that, this would totally bother me though, esp if dropping some major $$$ on a Chanel. i would contact your SA at the boutique you purchased to see what they can do for you (ie send a replacement). good luck!!
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  6. Nope, I was thinking the same thing :smile:. It looks normal to me, (not perfect, but normal)... If that makes sense.
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  7. Yeah, looks like stretch marks on skin. Not perfect but, normal. AFAIK you have 2 weeks to exchange it here at a boutique IF you got it at a chanel boutique overseas
  8. That was awesome, glad it went well for you.. :smile:
  9. I also think it looks fine -- just part of the grain -- BUT, if you're not happy, reach out -- I'm sure they'll help you out!!
  10. That looks fine and normal to me. It is just the crease of the leather. Mine has it and is new as well.
  11. I can't see the wrinkles either

    Don't see what's wrong

    Looks to me just veins of the leather which is perfectly normal. You see that a lot more on brand new Herms bags but also on Chanel bags sometimes
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  12. I don't even see the veins/ wrinkles everybody is talking about. I must be going blind!!! :panic:

    In my eyes it looks perfectly fine, but I echo everyone's sentiments that if you are not 100% satisfied, definitely exchange since it's a lot of money and it will help you sleep better at night
  13. I agree it's probably just the natural look of the leather, but still, if you're not happy with it; return it for another bag.
  14. Dear all, thank you for all your thoughts on this.

    If these "creases" would have been on both sides, I probably would not bother... but as it is only one side, it feels like a flaw :sad:

    To me, it looks like that the leather has been squeezed heavily or so.. but I am absolutely no pro and it was difficult to take photos of it.

    I called the customer service today (in France, where I bought it) and I was surprised, that they told me, they are not doing refunds? Because I was also considering giving it back, as it is quite pricey for me..
    On Saturday, I will take it to my local Chanel Store and will see what happens... I will add some more / better photos.

    Is it really true, that such kind of creases/wrinkles often appear on new Hermes bags as well? Is there a chance to see photos?
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  15. I can see the "wrinkles" very clearly. And if it's only on one side of the bag, I'd definitely not be OK with it. Get another one if you can :smile: