So sad... DH hates the metallic reissue...

  1. DH and I were out shopping last night and came across the metallic flap. I mentioned to him that I purchased the bag and was planning on picking it up today.

    Well... he wasn't happy. He knows I don't carry flaps, and that I like to "collect them". So he told me no more bag collecting and that I should start using them. He also told me that spending 2700 on a bag that is going to sit in my closet is just stupid and he wants it returned.

    I am so sad. To be honest, I'm not completely in love with the bag, and it isn't really me. I'm not really a flap person and I just like the reissues, but we never get into fights and I felt so bad. Needless to say, its being returned.

    I really like the bag, but I'm not in love, I just love that it is a classic reissue and I like the hardware. So unless I can talk him back into it, I'm on a mild purse ban. (He did say I could get the cabas when it comes in b/c its practical and I'll use it - I need BIG bags).

    So I am just sad and needed to vent. So I guess that means my SA has a metallic black 227 if anyone is interested.
  2. aww...I'm sorry to hear about the fight, I hate getting into those with my significant other as well. Maybe it's for the best if you're not completely in love with it?
  3. Oh feel better!
  4. You know what, I think you just needed him to talk you out of it. If you don't love it, let it go. I feel this way about flaps - I don't actually love them on me (I do actually love them on younger women). So even though they look good on someone else, I can not be swayed to spend $$$ on something that I don't love and that I won't really use.
  5. Forgot to add - love the 227 the best, but don't need another black bag.

    Sorry about the fight. But at least you're getting a cabas!
  6. oh.sorry to hear that. its really not worth to fight with DH just for a bag. plus i think you will feel better if let it go since you not completely in love with the bag. im sure will be lots of opportunity in future to get chanel reissue flap. i believe chanel will make them again since its so popular ( just like the dark silver, they made last year and reproducing it this year, the difference probably just some sizes and price increase). you will get one when you ready!!! and its win win situation, at least you still will get the cabas!ok! :tup::p
  7. awww ... I'm sorry to hear that. My BF isn't too fond of the metallic reissue either. Maybe you can reason with him on even though it sits in your closet it makes you very happy knowing its there? Well hope everything turns out better!
  8. I agree with everyone - it's probably for the best if you don't love it. When a bag is so expensive I feel that unless you are super rich, you shouldn't get it because you like it, you should get it because you love it. Especially if you aren't going to use it. A cabas would def. be a much better use of the money. Don't be sad! You'll probably be happy about it in no time!

    And again, you're getting a cabas! :yahoo:
  9. Sorry you were upset over the reissue. You'll get more use out of the cabas, so cheer up :smile:
  10. OMG, this is my story exactly, but with the dark silver reissue. What is it with men and handbags:cursing:.
  11. IMHO, your husband isn't wrong here. If you don't love the bag, don't carry them, etc... why bother? That IS a lot of money to spend on something that will sit in the closet and look pretty. I am sorry you are disappointed, but I think that returning the bag sounds like the right thing in this situation.
  12. im sorry to hear about your fight.. :sad: but i think your DH has a valid point about a $2.7k bag sitting in the closet.. it would be a different story if you loved the bag! At least he is willing to see the "functionality/praciticality" in buying Chanel bags hehe so yaay for your coming cabas!!

    Men seldom understand women and her handbags do they? :sad: And these stupid price increases are not really helping them understand!! *sighs*
  13. Sad to hear about your misunderstanding :sad: He sort of has a point though. Hope you guys kiss and make up soon
  14. Think of what you can put that money toward - the new Cabas, a vacation, investing in your children's future - all much better options than a bag that you 1) don't really love and 2) will just sit unused in your closet.
  15. Aw sweetie sorry about the fight *big hug*
    I think most people here gets into fights with their significant other over the extraordinary amount of money we spend on bags hehe.

    But I do feel that if you don't love the bag I would let it go. For that much money, you could wait and spend it on one that you're truly excited about and would want to use.;)