SO SAD :( Can't find the S/S08 Grey Stam!

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  1. I am so upset now.... I have called all the big dept stores and no one is carrying the S/S08 Grey leather quilted Stam :crybaby::crybaby:

    The only 2 places that seem to have it are:

    1. MJ store (I'm going to SanFran next week but have heard horrid stories of this store!)

    2. Bloomies online - I can't order cuz I am Canadian and they don't take non-US bank issued cc's...

    Anyone able to help at all?

    I even emailed some person listed on the MJ website but who knows whether they will get back to me :shrugs:

    BOOHOO :crybaby:
  2. well, if bloomingdale's carries the grey stam online, they should have it in the stores. there is a very nice bloomingdale's in sf located on market st. don't buy it from mj sf. they'll either ignore you or mess up the transaction one way or another. :angel:
  3. I called Bloomie's yesterday, and the SA (sanfran) checked her computer and no stores have the item. I also called the customer service and they confirmed that they only sell this item in this color online and not in stores, and since they are separate entities an SA from a store would not be able to pull from the online inventory! UGGHHHHH. I can't believe it! Doesn't make sense!:Push:
  4. Oh no! That sucks :sad: Maybe you will have a good experience at MJ SF? I know there are horror stories, but I think we all have them about once place or another, right? I hope you get your bag!
  5. okay. that doesn't make any sense, but i can't say i'm surprised. looks like you're going to have to get it from the boutique if you have your heart set on that color. :sad:
  6. I've seen the SS08 Dark Grey (in the Casey, Bruna, Eugenie) at NM SF. I'm assuming they might have the stam as well. Maybe you can check there? I hope this is the color you are referring to. I just don't want you to have to go to the boutique if you don't have to.
  7. Dang! That really stinks! Is there no other way to pay at besides a US-issued CC? I really want to see this bag in IRL pics, too :P
  8. Got a response from MJ contact.... she said check at the Mj boutiques or on eluxury (Eluxury doesnt take canadian CCs either!) what is up with that? BOOOO!!!

    I will try NM SanFran later when they open - I called NM Palo Alto and lady said she hasn't seen it. Called NM NJ today and she said they didn't order it for Spring.

    See how desperate I am? LOL

    I am willing to buy from SanFran MJ boutique if they have in the store... but I called yesterday and they said they have to charge my cc in order to get it from the warehouse????
  9. ^ absolutely a lie. they do not need to charge you unless you explicitly state that you want to buy the bag. i pm'ed you. :smile:
  10. With all the probs with MJ SF charge sends, I would recommend going to another location, like the one in NY. They seem to have better CS when it comes to their mail order customers.
  11. So I called NM SanFran, they only have Plum in stock and the lady wasn't sure if they ordered the Grey, but she said she would check and get back to me :shrugs:

    I am OK buying from MJ SF AS A LAST RESORT since I will actually be in SanFran next week so I can see/purchase IRL. Problem again is, that they only have 1, and it is in the warehouse, and they are telling me they need my cc to even get it to the store?~??~!!!

    I am off to call MJ NY to see if this is their usual practice. maybe someone from NY can call SF to smarten them up!:P

    Stay tuned....
  12. UPDATE!

    I called MJ NY and the lady was very nice. I asked her if it was store policy to charge the customer if a transfer was made from a "warehouse". She told me that the store should be able to transfer the bag from another MJ store without pre-charging for the bag!

    She actually had one in stock at her store, so I asked her if she could transfer to SF. She said it was on hold at the moment but would call MJ SF to speak to ZACH to ask him to order in a bag for me...

    So I shall await his call. Otherwise I will see if I can ask her to send the bag over to SF if the customer doesnt end up buying the one in her store:sweatdrop:
  13. Well it sounds like you've made some progress! I hope Zach doesn't give you the problems he's recently been giving our other members... :rolleyes:
  14. Wow, I really hope you can get this bag! Obviously you want it. It will work out, I'm sending good handbag vibes your way.....;)
  15. I also just called Barney's in SF, they don't have but the nice SA said he would call around to see if any other locations have.

    Meanwhile, still no peep from MJ SF....

    Thanks for the positive vibes!!!! :tup:

    I think this has truly turned into a "fixation", i.e. the more I can't find, the more I