So sad! Both of my SOs are declined...


Loving My Life
Apr 20, 2009
:tdown: I am so sad and depressed that my SOs are turned down... They declined the ferro veneta and the ferro veneta with croc trims. Today is just not my day and I have to say I am a little disappointed at BV...:crybaby:


Loving My Life
Apr 20, 2009
Oh no! Sorry to hear about that. :flowers:

Why did they decline the SO's? Any explanations?

Here's to you finding something else that'll make your heart sing!! :drinkup:

My SA didn't really say but she called to tempt me with some new bags they just got. The thoughts of having the ferro veneta with croc trim is still in my head. It won't go away! I planned my outfits and everything and the phone call from SA just ruined everything. Oh well. I just looked online and saw that they have the fever and green cabats though. They are beautiful and you know what this means...:graucho:


Feb 6, 2008
That's so sad!

I SO'd some small leather goods last year in galazio (my favorite BV blue ever, especiallly in the nappa) and they told me that there was no more galazio leather. But I had the feeling they were just saying that to make me accept it, if you know what I mean.


Feb 11, 2008
Oh, I am so sorry to hear that, baghooligan! I thought for sure that the ferro nappa umbria/w/ferro croc trim would fly! Do any of the SA's know what type of SO would be accepted nowadays? My last SO was placed in June, I believe, and I think that they have changed the approach since then. If BV would provide us with some type of guidelines, then we might have better luck. The only SO I have heard of being approved lately is the ottone montaigne. Does anyone else know what has been approved of in the last month or so? Doloresmia or uclaboi, I wonder if someone at the BH store could offer some guidance. Disappointment is so hard to take!!!

I so love the idea of a special order!!! We need some feedback here...:confused1:

Bichon Lover

Jul 1, 2008
I'm figuring my request for the black patent Veneta with Karung trim will most likely not be approved but it doesn't hurt to try. I just hope I hear before I have to make a commitment on the tPF SO if we manage to come up with one.