So sad...banned before I began...

  1. :ban: I can't even express how sad I am right now:crybaby:. I have spent weeks narrowing down which style, trying them on in the store, reading tPF regularly getting myself ready to purchase my first BV bag. And last night announced to my DH that I was ready to purchase and he looked at me like I was CRAZY:wtf: . And I looked back at him like "what do you mean:wondering?"

    Let me start by saying I'm not a regular designer bag buyer. I have ONE count them ONE LV bag. And it was a gift from him 2 Mother's Days ago. Before that I bought a Cole Haan Bag 1 year ago(and I use it everyday unless I break out my LV). Before that a Kate Spade baby-bag (5 years ago and used it everyday until I got the CH), and a large coach backpack in '99. That's it. :cursing:

    :rant:I'm getting ready to go back to work after being a SAHM for 6 years and would like to look nice. I would like to look and feel like a put together professional woman. I don't think that's alot to ask. He reminded me I would have a laptop bag (provided by the co. and couldn't I just use that:push:smile:. I reminded him I'm a woman and it would be nice to have a purse.

    Anyway, I needed a shoulder to cry on and I knew you ladies would understand.
    THANKS for listenning!
    -H-Less & now forever BV-less too.:crybaby:
  2. Maybe he'll come round once he has time to digest?! I just feel that this is a little bit unfair on you. You are not buying a bag a month, there is a clear need for an item that will make you look and more importantly FEEL great when you are taking the very courageous step of going back to the job market.

    Worst comes out of worst, are you allowed to blow your first paycheck on yourself?

    Hugs and good luck. Mi shoulder, zu shoulder.
  3. Thanks ebruo...I needed a simpathetic ear.
    Blow the first paycheck:shrugs:not sure, but doubt it. Something to think about...
  4. Aw, I'm sorry to hear of the ban. Some men just don't understand, but I think your reasons are definetely understandable. My fiance sometimes grumbles too even though I spend my own money. Is your DH(we can use damn instead of darling this time!) open to discussion or set on it? Maybe, once you start your job could it be a half/half paying option? It is not BV or Hermes, but another option that is a lot less pricey could be a Longchamp le pliage. It's quite sturdy and can carry a lot. Good luck and feel free to vent!
  5. Thanks Eugin! He may be swayed, but unclear right now. I suppose the le pliage is an option. I do like their pieces. We bought HIS briefcase from them (which he loves) and our suitcases last year. But when it comes to him once I settle for that he will chalk it up to item purchased and I will be out of luck completely on the BV.
  6. IMO, stop and take a deep breath. I don't know your financial situation, but maybe you could discuss being able to have a small piece of each of your paychecks for yourself. How much that would be is between the two of you. If you really want your BV or any other bag for that matter just keep saving that "small piece" that you pay yourself from each check and eventually purchase your bag. Many of these bags will be here in 3 months, 6 months, and a year from now. It will be well worth it and it won't hurt you finanacially. It will actually be a great feeling for you to purchase this from your money and I feel your husband will know how focused you are. Best of Luck in your career and in purchasing your new bag!
  7. *HUGS*
    H-Less, you can explain to DH that you are likely to perform better at work because you will be happier and have more confidence in yourself by carrying BV bag. Cook some of his favorite dishes and give him a few glasses of wine before talking him about this. ;)
    If he still does not give in, you can hang on for a month and use your first paycheck to buy the BV bag.
  8. Thanks Kellybag and Java Addict...
    It's not the $$$. We are in a good financial position (and soon to be even better with my check). It's the principle with him. He looks at the CH bag as still useable. I look at it as "well worn and over it". I am thinking that if I can get him in the boutique I may have a shot. He is known to succumb under pressure of a store situation. I will try it during our next date night. It just sucks to have to play these games. It would be totally different if we didn't have the money, but we do. He's a saver and needs a really good reason to "be a spender". I love that he wants to save, but we don't need to be miserly.
  9. That's a shame that he can't understand that an occasional splurge (as long as bills are paid on time, as yours apparently are) can be good for the soul. give it a little time and explain how much it means to you to have the confidence that comes from being "put together" and a great bag does that for you. Plus there are ways to get a BV for less than retail.

    Best of luck--I hope he comes around. Each of you should have some money that you can spend on yourselves, no criticism.
  10. Don't worry for now. Just remember the sales will be here in a few months, and the sale prices may take some of the "sting" out of purchase. The waiting may make the purchase even "sweeter"! Hang in there! Oh, and when you start getting your paychecks, put a little aside just for yourself. We won't tell him. :whistle:

    Also, my DH didn't understand the designer handbag cravings that I get and now after a few years he bought me one (on sale)!
  11. Awww! Sorry to hear of your ban H-Less...

    Like java_addict, I would try to soften your DH up before trying your luck at asking him to reconsider your buying a BV again. :yes:

    And if all things fail, while I wouldn't splurge immediately with my first pay cheque, I would def save up over a couple of months, and reward myself. In fact, you might be able to get something just in time for Christmas! ;)

    Sending you much BV love, to cheer you up!
  12. Thanks everyone...I feel the BV :heart:. I will keep my chin up and hope for something lovely in a few months. Thanks for your much needed handbag support.
    You are ll the best!!!:yahoo:
  13. H-Less I hope you can convince your DH. Sometimes men just need some persuasion ;) Perhaps you can start off with a lovely BV accessory?

    I'm sure you'll have your first very lovely BV soon and will have many more to come :heart:
  14. H-Less I hope you can convince your DH. Sometimes men just need some persuasion ;) Perhaps you can start off with a lovely BV accessory?

    I'm sure you'll have your first very lovely BV soon and will have many more to come :heart:
  15. :flowers::flowers::flowers: