so sad and mad at neimans!! :(

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  1. So I preordered the nude sling prives about 2 weeks ago on on the phone. I didn't get an email confirmation just like the rep told me so I called today only to find out my order was cancelled and the item of course, is sold out and discontinued!!! I am so mad! So apparently the rep took down the wrong credit card top it off I never got an email or call. I would have never found out if I hadn't called! I've been trying to find a pair of nude prives for soo long now...maybe its just not meant to be
  2. Ahhh:tdown: That is so aggravating! I have had that happen when I have shopped online for clothes.... It was for a dress in fact for an important event and I didn't even know that it wasn't coming until 3 days before and I called them & they CANCELLED my order w/o me knowing! I feel for ya!
  3. NM online has horrible customer service. I hope a company exec reads this forum. I am so sorry for your experience.
  4. awww...i'm sorry! what size are you looking for? maybe we can help watch out for them?
  5. FP - I am sure that returns will pop up on the site once the shoe actually gets shipped out. Many people (including me) order multiple pairs and various sizes and then return the ones that don't work out. I recommend bookmarking the page so you can check on it periodically. CS SUCKS!
  6. I agree...their CS is horrible!
  7. Fashionispoison I'm so sorry to hear that... What is it with NM lately? Why do they suck so much? you'd think with all the money we pay for these shoes that they'd get things close to perfect...

    Anyways I agree with kamilla about the returns. I know I personally ordered a 38, even though I'm usually a 38.5 (which sold out cause I stupidly hesitated) which I'll probably end up returning endless on a miracle they fit. So keep your fingers crossed!

    Also, I'd call up a couple boutiques and see if you can get them or place your name on a list for them, in case they show up some day. Good Luck!:tup:
  8. Here is the item number for the Nude Patent VP with the champagne toe that everyone is drooling over. Saks #452585692550 Good luck finding your HG shoe!

    NM and BG make me so mad with their sloppy customer service.
  9. I'm so sorry! NM is getting a horrible reputation. In fact, I only bit the bullet and pre-ordered the Nude NPs because I'm desperate for a pair ... if they cancel my pre-order I'm going to go postal ... well, not really ... but I might cry.
  10. It's sad that a store with great customer service in house has such bad online service.
  11. NM sucks! I hope you find those nude sling prives elsewhere...
  12. Agree w/ Kamilla. I ordered two different sizes, and which ever doesn't fit will be going back.
  13. I hate having to call and confirm that I am ok with the delay of pre-orders. The first time I did this for a pair of CLs I didn't call and it was cancelled. I mean when you order on the site it clearly says they expect shipment months later so obviously I was OK with that when I ordered! Those lil cards they send in the mail to request phone confirmation get stuck in magazines and other mail and sometimes get overlooked. I order online so I don't have to deal with phone is so annoying to have to call and say yes I am OK with the delay everytime.

  14. I got the card and did not read the small print so I have not called to let them know it is ok for the delay. I had better do that today!

    I hope you find the sling prive's. I will keep my eyes out also.
  15. I'm looking for a 8.5 or 9

    Yeah nm online is no bueno!! It has only happened to me on Barneys but at least they give notice and it's usually because they're out of stock...

    I'm so sad but not going to give up!