So sad and disappointed

  1. I went to the boutique yesterday to see the turquoise color, as the perfect bag in a color like that is my current obsession. It turns out the color is BETTER IRL than it is online. LOVE it!

    But the Ergo bags, not so much. I tried the hobos, and they were awkward. The totes reminded me of diaper bags (they don't really look like diaper bags for anyone else, but I've just recently gone back to regular bags after almost 7 years of diaper bags, so I'm biased!).

    I asked about the soho large flap in turquoise, and the SA told me they did make it in turquoise... LAST YEAR! And she said she owned one and it was her favorite bag! :crybaby:

    So, back to the drawing board on my turquoise/teal bag...
  2. check on eBay for the soho flap, or another turquoise bag. search coach turquoise
  3. I just got a great turquoise bag at the outlet. It was made for outlet only - but I love it, they call it a hobo and it was only $90 (on sale). They were still there Tuesday. Here is a link to one on eBay:

    Girl, if you've been carrying around a diaper bag for 7 years, you deserve the purse of your dreams!

    Oh, and I posted pics of it on April purchases, and pics of me modeling :smile:
  4. Check on eBay. You never know. I've found some bags that I missed on eBay.