So sad about my white clutch

  1. I brought my white caviar timeless clutch today and suddenly dropped on the floor. Then I saw there was a little crack on the top close to the cc opener...ouch, it hurts so bad..anyone with similar experience can help me out? :crybaby:
  2. Oh no, sorry to hear. Take it back to Chanel for repair or replacement.
  3. should I take to the same chanel boutique since I odered that one phone from other states..
  4. If you have the receipt, I would take it to the most convenient boutique. For example, I had ordered a bag from Florida, and had it repaired in Maryland
  5. hey thanks for your information... can I take it to Saks if I bought the bag from Norstrom?
  6. ^I don't think you can do that, I think you'd have to either take it back to Saks or take it to a Chanel boutique.
  7. ^^^^ I agree.