So sad about my white clutch

  1. I brought my white caviar timeless clutch today and suddenly dropped on the floor. Then I saw there was a little crack on the top close to the cc opener...ouch, it hurts so bad..anyone with similar experience can help me out?
  2. My only thought besides OH NO, is to take it to Chanel and ask them about having it repaired. Don't you wish there was a rewind button in life? Hope it is back to new soon.
  3. aww I felt that way when I accidentally swung my YSL heart necklace against my glass table. Now there's a dent in the middle of the heart!
  4. Jmen, oh you are right, if only there was a rewind button! :yes:
    Sorry Dolcesen, I wish Chanel will fix it for you!
  5. oh no, hope Chanel can fix it for you, keep us update! GL :flowers:
  6. How hard did it hit the floor? Did the fall cause the problem or was it already there.
  7. thank you guys. you are all so nice:heart::heart:!! I called Chanel today and they told me there's one year warranty so I will bring it back to store to get it repaired..The bigger crack wasn't there before i got the bag( although there was other very small scratches when I got the bag) but yesterday i went sailing with others and suddenly my hands were loose and it just hit the hard metal ground! that's how it happened.
  8. OH MY.....even hitting the floor should this happen?-Get them to fix it.....the white clutch is so beautiful, it deserves to be
  9. Ack! Let us know how this all turns out, OK? Best wishes--I want that white caviar clutch SO BADLY!!
  10. check out Saks in Florida or Chanel in New Jersey.. thank you guys:heart:
  11. Yikes! I've already been a little nervous about using mine and now I'm even more afraid!
  12. I had a similar scare when I dropped my Chanel sunglasses!! I absolutely freaked because they feel hard on cement and I thought for sure that they would crack. Thankfully they didn't have a scratch on them!! I'm so glad Chanel will fix it for you!! Let us know how it turns out;)
  13. gotta love the 1 yr warranty!
  14. I have only had my Chanel medium classic for a few weeks and only used it twice. My bag was quite full and I kind of forced the clasp down to make close. Anyway, the metal scraped together and it now has a deep little scratch on the twist lock. I can feel it with my finger so it's quite deep. I feel so sick because even though it's not noticeable, i know it's there.
  15. does this apply to neiman and Saks purchases as well?