So sad about my new ziparound wallet....

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  1. I currently am using the Legacy slim envelope wallet and LOVE it! But for summer, I bought the Heritage Stripe ziparound wallet in white/khaki (pvc), matching cosmetic bag, and matching wristlet. I decided I want to have matching accessories. Got all those in February with PCE and they were still wrapped up, NWT. Today I got out the wallet and started switching all my stuff. I didn't even get finished and it was like stuffed. And when I tried to zip it, the inside zipper tab got caught and in the way, etc.
    So, now I have decided to return and get another slim envelope in a springy color (currently have black/khaki). I think I have finally figured out what I want, but now I have to go into the store and exchange. Last time I had to do this, my store returned my stuff at the PCE cost, but when ringing up my new purchases, they were full price. They said that they couldn't give the PCE price when it was expired. Has anyone else had this happen? I was wondering if I ask for a manager, would they give me the exchange at PCE discount?
    I am so disappointed. I thought I would love the ziparound.:crybaby:
  2. It really depends on the store and the SAs. Most people find that it depends on who you talk to. Could you try another store or go at another time?
  3. The manager is probably not going to do anything either. That is just my experience with the stores. :tdown:You might want to try a different store though!!!:tup:
  4. I would go in with the explanation that the zipper is hanging and you are not happy with the wallet. You can also let them know you got it on PCE. They will usually exchange it, and they can actually just give you full price credit for the one you have and you pay the diff. Some people say you can just take it without a receipt and accomplish the same goal, but I wouldn't try this since they have your purchase history on record. Usually PCE exchanges are for the same item, not anything diff, but if you explain that you are not happy with the zipper, I think there are at least some stores that will either honor the PCE exchange or give you full price credit and then you can get a diff. one. As the other posters say, you may have to shop around and find a store/SA that will help you. Some are not very helpful at all! Good luck!!
  5. ^Right. I forgot to mention that you could just take it in without the receipt for a store credit.
  6. The same thing happened to me. I exchanged something that I bought with PCE and they wouldn't credit me the full price, so I had to pay the difference.
    Also, I have the same wallet and the inside zipper tag gets caught all the time. It drives me crazy!
  7. What a bummer! I can't wait to see what you end up getting!
  8. I have the same wallet and the inside zipper used to occasionally get stuck. Then I just got into the habit of making sure it is laying down when I zip it up and it has never happened again. That may be too much trouble for some people, but it was a small price to pay for a wallet I adore that was perfect in every other way for me!

    I hope you find someone to honor the discount and you find something you love!
  9. I would try to explain to them that you are unhappy.
  10. I think they are going to let me return at full price and then get my new stuff at full price. I will let you all know. Thanks.