any good books lately?

  1. I just finished Into Thin Air, a firsthand account of the disasterous Mt Everest climb back in the '90s. Riveting! Did you know that when a climber dies up there the bodies are often just left where they've fallen? Bizarre!
  2. My cousin climbed quite a number of mountains and they would pass bodies frozen on the mountain! How creepy is that?

    My favorite book, the one I always go back to when I've run out of things to read, is Party Monster, by James St. James. I love his language and I love his descriptions of things!

    Right now I'm reading Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Keyson. I bought it around the time the movie came out. It was weird, I was watching the movie (on video) while I was packing for Canada and I brought the book with me to read in Toronto.

    This summer I made it a point to read The Mystified Magistrate and Other Stories by the Marquis de Sade. For a while, we used to get HBO at our house in Massachusetts. One of the movies playing for awhile was Quills. The Marquis de Sade's writing was deemed so dangerous, he had to be locked up in an asylum and he had to be prevented from writing anything. Not only did they take away his pens, ink and paper but they also took away anything that could be fashioned into pens, ink and paper. They treated it with the same urgency they would if the patient was a suicide risk and they had to take away anything pointy.

    I'm watching it going, "Oh my GOD! He's only writing!" After reading something of his, he really insults and ridicules the clergy and the judges. (He's also pretty filthy!) I guess back then, being that filthy and making fun of authority figures was unheard of.
  3. I loved "Possible Side Effects" by Augusten Burroughs. He's hilarious!
  4. I recently finished My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. It was excellent. A few years ago I read her book Plain Truth and loved it. She writes very compelling fiction :smile:
  5. You should read Krakauer's other books "Into the Wild" and "Under the Banner of Heaven". Both are REALLY good books.

    I'm currently reading Philippa Gregory's "The Constant Princess" and David Starkey's "Six Wives"...can you see a theme there? ;)
  6. I bawled my eyes out at My Sister's Keeper. It was such a good book! I've read almost all of her books. They're very good.

    I just finished Possible Side Effects by Augusten Burroughs. Very funny.
  7. Last week I started reading "Blue Screen" by Robert Parker. Its the kind of crime/detective solving kind of thing but with humour. I enjoyed it & finished it just in time for me to read my husband's "Pig Island" ... a thriller by Mo Hayder. So far, its a page turner.

  8. The Six Wives of Henry VII by Antonia Fraser (sp?) is another great one.
  9. Is under the banner of heaven the one about the different religious groups? I think my mom read that and said it was very interesting... its on my list if that is the one.

    SuLi, I started with P. Greggory's The Other Boleyn Girl and then I went through almost every single book by Alison Weir and a few Antonia Fraser books, lol. Right now I'm on biography overload! Have you read any other Philippa Gregory books? How is the Constant Princess? They're making a movie out of The Other Boleyn soon too.
  10. "Under the Banner of Heaven" is about Mormon fundamentalism. It was really chilling, but a fascinating read. He is a really great writer.

    I've only read "The Other Boleyn Girl" by far, I'm only about 30 pages into "The Constant Princess" and it is interesting. I've only recently gotten into historical fiction, and I find that I also have to read up about the era afterwards. It's the history major background that comes into play.
  11. i haven't read too many historical fictions, but I do enjoy them. are there any other authors you've tried.

    i did the same thing. i read the fiction and then wanted to learn about the nonfiction aspects... hense the excessive number of biographes!
  12. i've gone through about 10 Nora Roberts books over the summer break, just finished her newest one Morrigan's Cross and LOVED it. It is part of a trilogy so i have to wait until October for the second book. I'm read book one of a 6 part series called Outlander, dont remember the author though.
  15. aldavis7 - You're right about "Into the Wild" being made into a movie.

    Check out the IMDB page:

    Into the Wild (2007)