SO Question...

  1. What does doing a SO involve? What is the cost vs. the cost of a regular item? Has anyone ever done a Mono Speedy with Chocolate (like the damier) leather instead of the vachetta? I'm just curious because I LOVE the look of the mono bag but I'm so afraid of the vachetta!! I cry if I get my coach bag mucked up...I can't imagine what I'd do over my LV!! I can't even bear to bring out my damier azur pochette unless the sun is out!! (I've got to get over that!).

  2. You have to go to the boutique and tell them what you want to SO and they get in touch with the factory to find out if it can be done--if it is a common SO, they can tell you right away if it can be done. There is about a 30-35% mark-up or more above retail depending on what you want to have done.
  3. Unfortunately, you won't be able to order a mono bag with chocolate trim as you can't SO a different trim. Generally, an SO takes about 6 months and carries a 30% premium over the stock bag.
  4. If you use the "Search" feature above, you will find MANY threads on SO's.

    If I'm not mistaken: One has to go directly to the store, SA sends in the request. If it can be done, they get back to you and you confirm. There is a 30% mark-up and you have to put down a 50% non-refundable deposit. It usually takes 6-7 months for a SO. Newer lines/bags that just came out cannot be SO'd because they have to be out for at least two years. Multicolore Canvas cannot be SO'd unless it is an Alzer.
  5. Approx 30% markup. More if a custom design.
  6. Bummer. Has this been attempted??
  7. So's are available in mono, damier, and in some special instances, taiga, epi, and like John said MC alzers.
  8. Thank you for the info!! I tried to do a search but couldn't seem to find the info I wanted. You all are a wealth of information. I truly appreciate it!!

    I'm thinking I may have to just buy the Damier Speedy, I don't have anything against the damier, I just like the mono better...
  9. If not for the mark-up, I would have SO so many things <heehee>