So Proud of my Mom! New Dooney!

  1. My mom has always loved Dooneys. She bought herself one when she earned her Master's Degree, but since then has usually considered them too pricey.

    She often sees my bags (Coach, Bulga, LV, Tano, etc.) and comments about how silly it is to spend so much money on a bag. I was starting to lose hope about her handbag habits!

    But we were out last weekend and she started looking in the department stores. She checked the sale tables, but then started looking at the leather bags. She found one she really liked, and I suggested she have them hold it while we had lunch (I was going to try to talk her into it!).

    Instead, she said no, she thought she had better get it now. :wtf: :yahoo:I was shocked and then so excited for her! And I even had a little handbag envy (I wasn't interested in the Dooneys that store had, just envious of the new bag high!).

    Anyway, I think she bought this one:

    The one in the top row on the far right, the medium East/West slouch. It looked like it was the color shown, too, but when I click on the bag and look at the colors offered, none of them look as nice as her bag. :confused1: Hers is a deep, reddish brown with dark brown trim - a very classy bag. So YAAAYYY mom!
  2. Beautiful bag!!
  3. She's gonna LOVE the bag. I have a medium east west in the taupe signature print, and it's so roomy and classy! I've always wanted a second one in a different material, so your mom is real lucky!
  4. Oh lovely.
  5. Thats a gorgeous bag, good for your mom!
  6. Congrats 4 ur mom!
    Very beautiful bag. ♥
  7. They are beautiful, I have the 2nd one, the Drawstring Slouch, Beige - Amber, and I love it!!!!:love:
  8. Congrats! I also have a medium east/west slouch in black suede. I love it. They are one sale for $168 right now if anyone wants a great winter bag.
  9. Go mom!!!!:yes:
  10. Gorgeous bag! :drool: When is she joining tPF? lol.
  11. Woohoo go Mom!!!! And she has great taste too!!
  12. I sold a bag like that. I really enjoyed it, but I sold it to offset the cost of another new bag.
  13. Pretty!! Good for her! :yahoo:
  14. :woohoo: great bag. nice leather look. could def. see Mr.Dooney picking that one up!
  15. I love when my mom gets a new bag too.