So Proud of My Cousin Nadine Haobsh!!

  1. Has anyone heard of Nadine Haobsh, I am so proud of her. She has a book coming out called Beauty Confidential. I could not believe she actually has a book out. She even appeared on CNN and is actually on Wikipedia. :yahoo:I am just wondering if anyone on the purseforum heard of her.
  2. I haven't YET=P That's great. Congrats to her!
  3. wow congrats for her !! I will check out the book if I see it :smile:
  4. Thanks.. you can check her info on wiki
  5. Do you have any links to her book or anything? That would be great! congrats to her!
  6. ok congrats - thats great. Im going to check the book out now!
  7. I just googled a pic of her. She's beautiful! Congrats!
  8. This is old but here is some more info.....
    The Resurrection of Nadine Haobsh

    The Video Music Awards take place tomorrow night. The official website even has a count down clock. Wicked.
    The site is a mess. The navigation is even worse. But who cares? It’s MTV baby!
    BTW, guess who is blogging for the site? I’ll tell.
    It’s….Nadine Haobsh! Remember her? She got famous after losing her job thanks to her blog
    Well, she has resurfaced as a VMA blogstar!
  9. Taken from wikipedia (After Regis Philbin stumbled over the pronunciation of her last name on Live! With Regis and Kelly,) WOW I CANT believe Regis Philbin stumbled to say my last name... thats crazy ! Its so funny because no one can pronounce it right... I have such a tough time at school with teachers pronouncing my last name ..
  10. That's really cool! I am a big fan of her blog.
  11. Wow!!! big ups to your cousin, she's doing the d*mn thing.
  12. congrats to your cousin!! Wishing her much success!
  13. Me too!

    PrinceAbdullah, so cool that she is your cousin! Tell her I :heart: her blog when you talk to her! She seems like such a sweet person!